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@joostin420 well I'm using twill weave honestly I didn't do to much research into strength of different carbon fiber like i probably should have. when it came to resin I got a uv protected resin(not that it really matters) but I bought the resin on eBay based on the reviews and what people were using the resin for. As far as cutting and drilling it's pretty easy if you understand your materials. (Carbon and resin) Cutting I'm using a multipurpose Roto zip bit which works great and they're cheap you just have to keep it sharp to not mess up your resin finish with the Roto zip bit I'm using a high rpm setting on my dremel and using a dremel press which is making it really easy. Maybe used 3 or 4 to cut chassis which cost 7 bucks way cheaper than a scroll saw which I tried and is crap unless you already have one it's just the blades cost more. Drilling I'm using cobalt bits which i couldnt find in metric so i had to pre-drill with the cobolt bit then go back with metric bit. in a drill press also not required just makes it easier to be presice.
The only other tools i wpuld have tried to cut the plate with that was more expensive that I might have tried is a perma grit style bit I did use a double cut tungsten carbide bit that i bought on amazon 20 for 10 bucks for detail cuts but can mess up your finish if not sharp or clogged but what I did works just fine. Many things will cut the material it's what will cut it and not mess up your finish. Sorry it's so long but it's a lot to explain I can break it down better if need be but that's more than the just of it. I'm happy to share as much as possible. Don't hesitate to ask.

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