Arrma Talion 6s MMX
Talion basher 410

Arrma Talion 6s MMX

this is just more pictures of the Talion
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Parts List
M2C Racing
-Talion 30000 Series Chassis
-Talion Shock Towers Front
-Talion Shock Towers Rear
-Mushroom Head Droop Screws
-Ackermann Bar
-Harden Hing Pins
-Harden Hing Pins
Hot Racing
-Talion Front Chassis Brace
-Talion Rear Chassis Brace
-Arrma 6s Steering Bell crank
-Servo horn 25T
-Arrma 6s Servo Mount
-Arrma 6s Hing Pin Brace FF
-Arrma 6s Hing Pin Brace FR
-Arrma 6s Hing Pin Brace RF
-Arrma 6s Hing Pin Brace RR
-Front A-arms L
-Front A-arms R
-Rear A-arms
-Front Bumper Skid Plate
-Rear skid plate
Lunsford Racing
-Titanium Screw set bottom
Fast Eddy Bearing
-Arrma 6s BLX bearing kit
-Chassis Gaskets
Differential Gaskets
Castle Creations
-Mamba Monster X 6s
-1512 1800KV Brushless Sensored Motor
-Castle Link USB Adapter
Savox Racing
-Savox 1256TG Digital Servo
Arrma Rc
Arrma Bulkhead
Arrma bulkhead
Arrma Outer Threaded Hingpin
Arrma Inner Threaded Hingpin
Arrma Shock Pin Mount
Arrma EXB Standoffs
Arrma Steering Links
Arrma Motor Mount (V4)
Arrma Tower To Tower Brace
Arrma Receiver Box
Arrma Battery Tray
Arrma Center Differential
Arrma F/R Differential
Arrma F/R Differential
Arrma Driveshaft Set
Arrma Screw Set
Arrma Talion 6s BLX Talion Body Clear
Proline Road Rage Tires
Proline Desperado Wheels
JConcepts Chassis Protector
All Done!
What batteries?
oh, and the transmitter is the stock v3 Tactic TTX 300, just had it laying around and I like the Tactic.
all of the car is based of a v4, the reason you see a v3 non sliding motor mount is because I stripped the screws trying to put the motor on, and had an extra v3 one.

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