Arrma Typhon in Snow - YouTube

Running my Typhon in the snow testing out paddle tires and running a Turnigy Nano-Tech 4S pack.
I bought 2 4S packs while they were on sale @ Hobbyking. Thought I would try them.
That was awesome!!! Just got my Typhon put back together yesterday. Forgot just how quick she turns and handles compared to the bigger rigs. No more borrowing parts off of her!!! She deserves more respect....Lol.
Glad to hear you're taking care of your Typhon once again. LOL When I robbed parts from mine, I couldn't wait to put her back together and it seemed like every part gave me some kind of issue. I think she was pissed at me...o_O
@72Z15SS that's funny bro. I have the same issues. Seems like some new parts aren't machined just right. I've struggled with new diff cases not wanting to thread, bearings that don't want to seat....Etc. Need to order new grub screws, all the swapping around has taken it's toll. Typhon is staying in one piece for now on!!!

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