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  • Kraton EXB
    Nice shots 👍
  • Felony rear Tire...Duratrax Bandito fix
    It worked extremely well !!! The Bandito CS tires come in a 4 pack and are cheap. It takes 2 Bandito tires to wrap one rear hoons.
  • Arrma Felony rear tire mod testing
    The grinding noise is a bolt underneath the fron splitter i used to join the top with the bottom. 3 of 4 of the screws are flat. The other 1 is...
  • Felony Rear tires mod
    Desperate tires desperate measures. But Bro they handle 100% better than the hoons. Hoons are meant for drifting allowing will spin. Im gonna do...
  • Felony Rear tires mod
    That's ingenious 👍 I've got 2 sets of silver compound tyres for F&R on back order... 😴😴