Claw Wheels from

Claw Wheels from

I ordered these about a week ago and they finally arrived today. Tried them on the Kraton with the Bajr body.
They look and feel pretty good for the price! As soon as this rain stops I'll try them out...
I just might put them on instead of the big Duratrax Banditos. They look pretty cool!
That is one sweet looking rig!!! I still need to fix the back end of my Bajr body. Back end started folding up after kids shoveled earth with it repeatedly in soft, sticky moist dirt, because of rear wheel flairs it had no where to fold and cracked into old Backslash mounting holes, 4 inch split, gonna take more than shoe goo....."Dude, it's OK, I can fix it. My Dad has an awesome set of tools!!!" Remember Fast Times at Richmond High, Sean Penn as Specoli after totalling his buddies big brother's car.
@72Z15SS I love that body, looks great on the Kraton, I think having to cut about an inch off the tail of mine to fit the Outcast may have weakened it a bit. It really is quite durable, I beat the crap out of mine on my old monster slash. Great job on the paint, looks awesome. Going to check those treads out, Backflips are working well for now.

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