Darkside Studio Arts body wrap shot 2

Darkside Studio Arts body wrap shot 2

Just another pic of my progress(or lack thereof) on my body wrap.
That's dope bro! Any chance you can make a video of how to do this? I understand how the wrap stuff works, but it seems like it would be easier on a convex surface, opposed to doing the concave surface, like the inside of an RC body. I have found some really cool wraps, on Ebay, but an scared to waste $50 on a body and another $25 on wrap stuff, just to toss it all in the trash afterward.
Whoa I didn't realize these were on the outside. I was thinking of the water transfer graphics and doing the inside.
Yeah it is on the outside, not hard to install just time consuming, you have to clean and dry the body, rub it down with rubbing alcohol, spray the area you are working on with soapy wetter, spray the decal with soapy wetter, set the decal into place, squeegee out the excess soapy wetter then take a heat gun to it to form it over the body and dry out the rest of the soapy wetter and help the adhesive set.
Right on, I watched the video on their website. It does look time consuming, but compared to a paint job that would look half as good, it's probably not much of a difference in time. I think I am going to try out the water transfer Graphics, and see how I do. I think If I paint the windows black first, then put on the graphics, and spray white behind it, that a sheet of $100 bills would look pretty cool.

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