Dboots blow out !!

Dboots blow out !!

Check out the front tire. Just grabbed the last set of Jenny :)
Sorry about the tire brother, but great pic. That spot looks SWEET!!! Recently blew 1/2 a Backflip front tire off my Kraton. Think it was from a horrific, blind nose landing into a jump face that popped the glue bead. The impact sheared HR front chassis support mount screw. Tire was good after reglueing atleast...Lol. Bent my tower brace!!!
@Rich Duperbash Thanks bro !! That spot is Sweet!!
It's the holly grail of jump spots:) but u gotta pick your times to bash the bmx riders think RC's damage there surface lol !!!
That must have been some face plant to shear the chassis brace screw and bent the T to T brace :eek:
I've reglued that tire before I might need to heat it up and remove old glue ??
@Camo yes, worse faceplant ever. Was doing a BIG backflip, but lost site of my rig due to my POV, overcleared landing into a huge jump. The sound was sickening, couldn't see, but my buddy did...Lol. Left a hole in rock hard dirt.Thank goodness for Tbone!!!
Sweet flip bro !!! :)
Bummer on the blow out ..
Pic looks Awesome thow !!!!:cool:
Ahhhh jennys rc to the rescue again !!
(Jenny sorted out some new drive shafts for my Outcast ;):cool:)
Thanks man !! It ended up being a rip in the backflip.
Have u ever tried to get one off the rim, it’s near impossible. Had the heat gun on it with no luck.
How mad is Jenny :p Can’t wait till they start pulling down the new version’s ;)
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Yeah i have tried with not so good results:( . Used heatgun and the rim bubbled lol :eek:
There glued on crazy good lol .
And Jenny is the bomb :cool::cool::D
Im waiting for the new pulldowns also lol . My outcast will become a V2 :eek::eek::D

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