Diff shims outcast...is this correct from tower

Diff shims outcast...is this correct from tower

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@Dubbl-A so why don't they do it from the factory? Just cheaping out again? Wish I knew that before I stripped my diffs to change oil lol, can't be arsed doing it again for a while
@Trillium not sure. The trucks do quite well stock in my opinion, but as you stress them repeatedly and gears start to wear, probably have too much play and that predisposes them to failure. Shimming is recommended to help avoid failures in general. That and being mindful landing jumps without heavy throttle, slamming from forward to reverse...Etc. If you bash hard, probably a good idea to shim/bulletproof.
@Rich Duperbash Thanks for the explanation. Is there any good youtube guides showing how to properly shim them? Weather here is crap.. again, so I could have a go at it
@Trillium watch Thomas P vids, forum member and insane basher. Tp-PartsRC-Xtreme. Search his how to vids, think he posted 2 on bulletproofing diffs. I too did a rambling vid on the subject under Outcast gear breakage on my YouTube channel, may be helpful.

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