First V3 breakage !!

First V3 breakage !!

The first thing I noticed on the V3 Typhon was that it didn’t have the plastic caps behind the screws that thread through the shock mounts. Launched that little baby today had the most fun u can have with your pants on !! But sheared that screw looks like I’ll be fitting them ! Loving the Typhon
Nice work Sir! I'm thinking a set of Tekno Shocks, with the thick Tekno Standoffs and your gold.
Wonder if you could use the Tekno stand offs, and maybe the Teckno Shock Top piece, still use the V3 guard on top. Here I am spending money for you. :D
Yeah, that's what I mean. Thinker bolts on the Tekno Standoffs. But dang if they aren't expensive little bolts.
Man I'm jealous of these V3 creatures!!! Hope you're posting vid of some FAT track floaters soon Camo:eek::eek::eek:. Heads up, make sure you check your chassis screws regularly, especially after a BMX track run with big airs. You can actually lose them after enough sweet chassis slapping.
@RcAnonymous Dam laptop is giving me grief bro !!
Went back today and broke a front plastic rod end :D
But no shock shaft Happy Days !!!! Hows this ! all V3 shocks spare parts are Nero parts :rolleyes: The shocks must come off the Nero and Fazon platform Sweet !!!
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@Rich Duperbash Yeah Bro I will for sure and have done. The rear chassis brace came a little loose but that’s about it. Loving the Typhon just trying to get used to the little tires not much air control thing :p
Man she handles like a beast on the ground :):) and darts through the air cheers !!
@Camo dude well that sucks about the rod end but THANKYOU for the heads up !!! That will make life easy for parts :D:D:D:D:D
P.s whats up with your laptop ???

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