Fury BLX

Fury BLX

A nice day for vibrant photos
Hopefully this "waiting" will be over once Arrma gets better grip on their spare parts supply.
It amazes me that even you guys on the other side of the pond have to wait so long sometimes :(
Thanks Steve!
That is your local situation (and mine too by the way ;))
But in General the US gets the most cars and parts. As I mentioned before the Fury BLX 2016 is not even for sale over here, only online in the US :(
We have "to do" it with the 2013 model...
@Unusual RC I wonder why the limitation or restriction over there.
Have you thought of approaching Hobbico or Tower directly? It prob sounds like I work for them, they way I plug them, but I don't. They have been the nicest and friendliest place I have ever done business, and that goes a long ways for me.
I have a couple of spares on back order from Tower, items that will be going out soon I can tell. It seems to me, they are having some problems with a machine shop or screw machine shop [make small parts] as those types of parts are on not available or short supply. Or it could be when the weather turned, the RCers went crazy after being snowed in and made an unusual run on parts after some bodacious bashing. The parts shortage must be affecting their assembly as well, look at the all the different RCs that are available in Late Apr or Late May.
Problem with US shops for us in Europe is our customs. They charge so much tax on anything with more value than $20,-
And ordering under that number makes no sense due to the high transport cost :(

We are following Arrma for over two years now, and this problem is nothing new.

The key to RC cars is a good supply of spare parts. That is what made Traxxas and HPI do big!
@Unusual RC I forgot about the tax situation across the pond. I'm so glad those guys tossed the tea overboard 243 years ago in Boston. And the VAT as well, it's tough getting your pocket picked.

On the good supply of spares; Amen!
@justatree There's a lot of parts goes into these babies. Hobbico/Tower had a supplier that didn't deliver or delivered bad parts. They don't like this either Justin, Hobbico/Tower is losing a lot of money when we can't order what we want. I've been in their shoes at another company and it isn't fun, I'm sure they are looking for new suppliers who are more reliable.

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