Sorry, I forget to give informations.
Light is 2 Cree-LED per side on a separate 2s battery.
The "covers" are made from ... i don't know the english word for it.. We call it Plexiglas.
And it is mounted with M3 screw at the original holes underneath the back bumper.

Wheely bar is homemade from aluminium and shock absorbers from my gravvelbox.
I think there are tamiyas. The bar itself and the wheels have ball bearings.
The base of the bar is the original skid-plate which comes in the box of the Big Rock and has a 4mm Hole in it. The shocks mounted on the original 4mm upper metal pin. I could not get the original or the one from hot racing in my area, every time when i had money, these where sold out.
After a while i had enough an created one by myself.

Maybe it will be an inspiration.
No, not really.
Recently i just wanted to prevent the car to make a backflip on the road.
Later while thinking about construction, i found out that shock absorbers also will be helpful to prevent had shocks to the chassis.
Level 2 was one absorber for each side and 2 wheels. My first version just had one wheel and one absorber. But while I made that, i swopped over to the actual version.
So i took some parts, mixed and think about to put them functionally together...

What you see is the result and since yesterday i can say that it is working great.
I done Jumps, speed runs and no problems at all.
In future I have to change the ball bearings, because them are not sealed. But i change them when the old ones are damaged.
The absorbers allow to adjust how hard the wheely bar stops lifting the front of the car and also them give the bar wheels place to lift up while jumping over small stones.
So the bar wheels are the most of time on the ground while you drive a wheely and the car runs straight the line. On the picture it looks that the wheels are very low and it was my first safety setup.
More holes in the arms allow to adjust the highness of the wheels. Maybe i try harder, progressive springs an make them one or two holes higher. But normally it is not necessary.

Now i have to think about front lights but not the t-bone bar,... any suggestions?

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