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Tbone bumper screw alert? Had a bad outcome testing my son's hybrid Outcast I built for him with Kraton front/rear and Typhon chassis. Pretty sure attempting to seat overly long screw from Tbone cracked my diff case and led to failure, think Tbone screws are normally all same length on Typhon.
Nasty cheep part but work to replace !!
Where the two shorter ones the right size ??
Yes, 2 shorter ones are correct for depth of diff case with Tbone. The bummer is I had noticed this earlier, but forgot to separate screws. I'm certain they came from Tbone like that months ago, 4th bumper I'd bought from them. Was using my driver with clutch set pretty loose. When I realized screw wasn't seating, I said screw it and just took it off. Think it weakened case as front suspension mount screw crosses same path just a tad over and failure occurred right at exact spot where long screw would have torqued plastic upwards. Failed after 60mph road test, then 2nd jump off launch ramp at park. Will load vid in media. Was lucky to recover dogbone and all other parts for close examination.
I agree, over torquing (by accident) into plastic not tapped for that long screw will weaken the housing. I found out that on one of my Senton lower A-Arms when I screwed up threading in the ball end and got angry and started horsing on it ...1 moderate impact and snappy.
@Dubbl-A your exactly right. Only takes 1 or 2 extra turns to cause a micro fracture in stiff plastic. Feel pretty certain that's what did it. Lesson learned again on checking hardware carefully, especially aftermarket stuff. Glad it happened when I was testing, my son would have been bummed if he was driving when it failed.
That's crazy it busted the suspension mount Ha !!
Did u have the parts ? Is she fixed yet ?
I have the same bumpers on my Typhon, would the screws be too long for the Typhon as well or just the Outcast? what length should they be? Thanks
@Camo yes I fixed with Typhon spares. The aluminum plate is actually fairly thin. Think with corner diff case cracked/broken, the suspension mount took all the brunt as hinge pin would have torqued it violently. Granted it was a crap landing. These parts are very interdependent. Hinge pin areas are critical spots to have any sort of weakness as entire A arm fulcrums there. Pin was a bit tweaked afterwards.
@Trillium should all have the same length chassis screws, roughly 1/8 inch longer then stock screws, don't have exact specs from Tbone. I should have noticed they sent my extra long screws, was in a hurry.
That little yellow piece of paper that comes with the bumper says they will send whatever is on hand if I'm not mistaken.

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