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Before picture of my rear Kraton shock tower after my daughter first pulled the wing off, then dug the tower ears into the dirt when over rotating a huge backflip. Yes, the upper diff case broke. See after pic.
@Camo nope, not one bit. The bummer was I knew it was a rear lawn dart landing. Told Angie to stop so I could check things out. Don't think diff case had cracked yet, but after a few minutes more of mellow bashing, she saw me send up the Outcast and she did another accidental tail/tower landing. That last one did her in..... Errrrrhhh. She pulled a high speed rolling backflip on the Kraton, too when we were drag racing. Never seen that before. Let's just say 6s was a bad idea with the Nero motor for her little hands....Lol.
So there's big business in RC deployable airbags then? ;) Rich, have you not thought about strapping a foam block on top of your cars when your kids bash them? would save you hours and $$! :D

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