12 runs. 6s geared15/50. Always check heat,was running 20 min at a time,stop before 3.5 amps a cell. (Pinion blew 2nd run? Soon later spur broke? Now motor stopped?)Be a lesson for us all.
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I would send it back for a replacement. All my stock BLX have been pushed hard on 6s geared tall. I'm good about checking temps and have never thermaled them beyond 170°F, usually 140-150 ish. Was your mesh OK? Too tight will get hot pretty easily.
Arrma gear chart has all odd number tooth pinions,is there a reason for this. Should pinion not be even number? thinking dropping to 14 tooth
@Steveoarrma517 not sure why Arrma gears are all odd number, but certain the material is crap. It's not that uncommon for there to be a tighter spot when checking mesh as tolerances may not always be perfectly concentric with machined gears. I normally spin my spur a full rotation and adjust my mesh to accommodate a tight spot. Also possible the motor shaft or mount could be tweaked. I run mostly 16 tooth or bigger partly because it's easier to get a proper mesh with more teeth and surface contact area. Too tight a mesh is definitely louder like the car is eating itself, but with dogbones and outdrives clanging, these rigs aren't quiet either.

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