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MT410 first bash was a rough one.... Great truck no doubt, but clearly not unbreakable in stock form...Lol. Busted rear piston first bash. Delrin pistons needed I think.
Thanks bro. The build went smoothly, took my time, followed instructions closely and used calipers to make sure I didn't get my screws mixed up as some are very similar in size. Tekno does an awesome job of labeling each bag per step of the build. Really nice kit, left me super impressed no doubt.
@Rich Duperbash looks like a quality rig after looking at the build PDF and man I would love one ! Pricy though I could buy two arrma RTR rigs for the price of one MT410. I've watched u break and bend it every run and let's face it if anyone is gunna break a rig your the man. Is it really worth the coin bro ? If u had the choice 2 arrma's or 1 MT ? :) Sorry don't mean to put u on the spot :D love your work !!!! If
@Camo it's an AWESOME kit, but needs metal spur, servo horn and definitely aluminum shock caps. That one flail jump that tweaked the A arm...etc was REALLY brutal, and I understand that no RC can take that sort of ridiculousness. The MT is bred from a racing platform and is extremely light, fast, and durable. Handles much better than the Outcast and rips 4s. Can't answer wether it's worth it if you need to supply the electronics...etc. Factor in parts availability and total cost first. It's super fun and capable, but worth it is too personal/subjective to answer I think. LOVE all my ARRMAS. Will keep uploading vids and sharing opinions with more comparative stuff soon. I totally put it through the ringer yesterday with new Hobbywing Max 8 combo and simply couldn't break it...Lol. Will post vid by tomorrow.
Thanks for your opinion. She definitely looks like a durable rig in the clips I've seen of people bashing it. But it's hard to tell what upgrades and what damage they have done. Still sitting on the fence. Cheers !!!

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