New Senton 4x4
@dpricenator My plans are to enjoy it stock as long as possible, with the exception of running a 2S LiPo. I bought this truck to help me unplug and get away from my desk at lunch, so I want to spend more time driving than wrenching. I keep everyone posted, it seems to be one of the first Senton 4x4 on the forums!
Nice! Yeah I find I can keep my slower cars working for a lot longer than my beast mode cars. My road cars, last forever. All I ever do for the road cars is to change out the tires.
@dpricenator I can imagine! I've only run the truck once so far, but I found it to be plenty quick with the stock battery. I'm considering finding some more road-friendly tires and wheels though, just one run on the pavement made visible wear on the stock tires.
Oh yeah those will be slicks if you keep running them. Check out the tires and wheels on NITRORX. Cheap tire that you can burn up on the street, and toss em after.
@dpricenator Thanks for the hint, I'd love to have a second set of wheels and tires I could swap easily. However, the Senton 4x4 has 14mm hex. I think I'll start a thread in the wheels forum for some assistance.
Right on, another option is to just burn through the tires you have and replace the rubber onto the same wheel.

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