Yep, Did the same thing to mine. The beach was fun, but I won't be taking the RC next time. I ended up ordering all the screws from the Grainger site. Stainless Cap screws with the cylindrical head. They have deep hexes so there is lots for your tools to hold onto, and they use the next size up HEX. Either 2.5 or 3, but it's the next size up.
Yea had some fun would of been more fun with a talion or a krayton though but was good and yes I agree won't do that again
That's my favorite place to bash on the dunes - lots of space during the week. I just wash it before I leave the beach and spray everything down with WD-40 silicone lubricant.
Yea I didn't have with me at the time so it rusted but I have stripped it down and scrubbed it with some WD40 and done all bearings and diff oils. Just waiting for the new center diff so I can run again...
Bash on bro! I don't mind flipping and crashing when there's so much cushion from the sand. This is my first rc vehicle and I'm still learning about maintenance - diffs, bearings, knuckles etc, etc. This was all gibberish to me 2 months ago. But I've fallen for the Kraton and I'm learning how to stroke the one that's stroking me right :)
I have gotten into track with the typhon. Don't stay near the beach so can't go there much. Was just for a holiday.

I am really enjoy track riding. Lots of fun and is a huge challenge. Bashing is so much fun but with the typhon I feel personally track is the way to go now!

This is also all new to me also my first rc. First proper one that is!
I guess we make the most of whats available. I'd love to have a track near me. Typhon is much better at the track - I hear. I'm tempted to get a Talion for more precision driving with the versatility to also do rougher terrain.
Talion is also a nice car. My brother has one takes it to a track too. Nice all rounder car.

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