How long were you running the truck before this was discovered?
Is your spur gear showing any signs of wear also?
No, the spur was just fine! Must have been a weak batch of metal in the pinion gear, who knows. What do you think?
@j1980mac the stock pinions are cheap metal. Perhaps something jambed between your spur and pinion and aniolated the weaker gear. I've never seen bad mesh destroy a pinion like that, but could be wrong. Replace with Robinson Racing Extra Hard. Won't fail you I promise. Sound like a used car salesman?...Lol.
@j1980mac hate to say it but it might be the same metal. I've been running only 16 tooth on 6s and temps have never exceeded 140-150 motor, 120-135 ESC. I would go as high as 18 if running 4s only. These rigs come horribly under geared in my opinion. I usually let temps be my guide plus performance of coarse and aim for above temps to maximize motor potential and efficiency. The advantage to gearing up for me is maximum speed potential, more surface contact between pinion/spur, easier to mesh bigger gears, and less need for full throttle with larger pinion to achieve desired speeds in given situations. To me there are no cons as long as you don't overheat your electronics. Most motors are safe under 160-180F. These rigs are way more fun geared up to their potential.
@Rich Duperbash the 14T feels just about perfect on 6S (beastly), but not so much on the 4S. This is why I had thought the 13T may be a good idea since I got both battery setups. I may just sell the 4S pack and just go 6S all the way on 14T. Once you got gobs of power, it's hard to want anything less. :)

I feel ya on the electronics. I've got a temp gun on the way.
@j1980mac I'm definitely a 6s junky, only use 4s for garage/front yard testing and when my kids are bashing. The power is very addicting. Good call on temp gun, it's a must have when dialing your rig in and, as ambient temps go up during summer, can help you determine if gearing down is in order. By watching temp trends, can even give insight into rolling resistance issues...bearings failing, something rubbing in drivetrain...Etc. Anytime you change gears or wheels, good idea to check until you establish a baseline. Ps, they make small, pocket temp pens for on the go field checks. I bring mine every bash.
Hey @Rich Duperbash, great insight. I have a feeling that the hot Texas summers are going to call for a 13T on 6S, especially since I want to do some light off-roading/bashing.

I guess looking into a heatsink may be a decent option as well, especially since I'm in love with the 14T set up so much.

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