Kraton !!!

Kraton !!!

I'm very proud to have a new addition to the family. Finally got one !! Sooo pumped to bash this little baby !!!
Watch how much more stable that car is. But it does not flip as fast as the Outcast so it might take some getting used to, if you are used to doing areal acrobatics.
Great purchase bud!!! Try it with the Outcast tires, complete high speed BEAST off-road!!! Congrats bro, think you'll grow to love your new family member.
Thanks !! The Outcast was my first Arrma had to go back and get he Kraton. There's a lot to read on bumpers / skid plates which one should I get ??
If any !!
I like the T-Bone Bumers for the Talion. Surper strong, doesn't stick out as far the Kraton bumpers. Still ugly, but effective.
@Camo I'm still using the Typhon Tbone and am happy with it, been through most brutal abuse and still hanging in...Lol. RPM looks good, guessing it weighs a bit more though. Very happy with their rear skid plates thus far.
@Rich Duperbash I thought you might have been using the typhon one. I reckon I'll go for that or the talion one. The Kraton TB one looks like it would shovel the dirt. Cheers !!
@Camo don't buy the Kraton TB unless you want to shovel mother Earth...Lol. It will likely scrape with every tight transition launch. If I owned one, I would cut and grind it probably to the size of the Typhon one...Lol.
@Camo that's awesome bud!!! My son Andrew just hit the jump park with his Outcast on 3s, first time any Arrma on only 3. With 20 tooth pinion, actually did quite well with Kraton tires on. Still surprisingly fast, wheelied, able to backflip even. Less carnage than usual, but he still bent a front shock screw after repeated bad landings...Lol.

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