New shoes for the Outcast

New shoes for the Outcast

Duratrax Lockup MT's for 4s running. Just for a different meaner look.
Looks beastly!! Careful that Outcast could eat a small child ha ha !!
Give her a run on 6s it's insanely out of control
@Gjflores77 Yep still in great shape, no not selling, really like them but I have quite a few other wheel/tire combos that I like switching between different trucks.
Those things look awesome on the outcast. You will want to wrap some braided fishing line, Kevlar thread, or zip ties around those DuraTrax if you ever go 6S. Otherwise you will have 12 inch dinner plates and a truck that handles like a Ferrari on Buttered Ice. I have the Six Packs and it took al little work to make them, usable, but once I did, I love em.
@dpricenator Thanks, I wasn't sure but thought it was you that had picked up the six packs and tried the zip ties and fishing line. So they're still working well for you, eh. I'll search for your thread but was it the braided line you ended up keeping?
Yeah the braid is good. I tied a big slip knot, fit it around the tire where I wanted it. The wrapped it aroun 6-7 times, and glued the end and then also glued it at regular intervals around the tire. Seems to have held well. I have had a couple come loose, but I just clipped the loose end off, because there was another glue spot just 3 inches around the tire. And I keep 10 or so small zip ties in the field box. That way if I lose a hole wrap of braid, I can make a quick fix.

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