Paddles on the Senton

Paddles on the Senton

Praise the powers that be for the snowstorm hitting York, PA tonight and tomorrow
@72Z15SS Were at almost 2 feet now here in York. I worked til 12 last night and 6a-6p all weekend so I just woke up. I'm gonna get a few cups of coffee in me and go out and explore in the FJ and come home and make a track in the snow for the kids and I. Enjoy Snowmageddon 2017.
@Dark_RC_Corpses Well, I got a chance to try mine and took some video. Cleared my driveway then went out for some fun. We didn't quite get the 2 feet they were calling for because it changed over to sleet so that kept the totals down. I might also make a track in the yard for me and my Son. He'll have a blast! Have a great time in this stuff...
@72Z15SS I'll probably be posting a ton of pics tomorrow. I got half the track done and tomorrow is rc bash day so I'll probably also be uploading a bunch of videos to YouTube too in the next week. It's still snowing here. Long live RC and Arrma.
It's supposed to get real cold tonight, so I just might let the yard freeze over and bash on top of it. If I dig it out it might end up a sheet of ice underneath. That's what my driveway looked like this morning!

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