Pro Mt 4x4
Nice! I am really wanting one of those for some reason. I just don't know how parts support will be for them now and down the road is my only concern. What motor, esc and servo is going into it?
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@chevys10zr2003 Its a good looking vehicle thats for sure :) i am worried about part support also ( i live in Australia ) but i think it will do pretty well :)
Combo is a hitec 5585mh servo and the vanguard ae4 combo from a yeti xl :eek::cool:
( ae4 is re badged castle sidewinder8 with 2200kv motor :cool: )
YOu are going to love the screw down body clips. You'll be changing your posts on all your cars soon.
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@RcAnonymous I have a 2wd Slash that I have retired. I got tired of fixing it and found out I don't like 2wd in smaller than 1/5 scale vehicles. I was thinking of either getting this or a Tekno SCT410.3 and using the motor, esc, servo, receiver and transmitter from my slash for it. I just don't know if this would be too much vehicle for the Traxxas 3500kv system.
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@chevys10zr2003 the tekno would be a solid choice also.. hmmm 3500kv would possibly be a bit tame ( in my opinion ) i have a 3500kv setup in a 1:10 SCT it runs 3s and hammers.. hmmm
Me personally id just save up for a 1:8 combo but i understand the need to use good parts on hand .. why not give 3500 a try and go from there ? :)
@RcAnonymous I may try it and see what it's like with the 3500kv. I'm also in the process of saving up for a tekno MT410 so i don't really want to have to buy two 1/8 systems. I do have a spare Arrma BLX185 from my son's Kraton I could put in it..... and see if it can handle 6s lol.
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@chevys10zr2003 my biggest word of advice when trying combos is check temps Very regularly :) mt410 is HOT !!! . throw the blx in :) :) if 6s is to much just run 3 or 4s .. i have ran the blx185 on 3s no worries :)

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