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@disturbedfuel15 Nice Kraton, love the blue body as well. I was looking at that wheel/tire combo a little while ago. I'm curious on the grip on short grass? How are they on 6s? Much ballooning?
I just noticed something. Your front wheels are on the wrong sides.

Notice the tread on the edge of the rear tires. It will direct loose dirt away from the tire. The front tires will direct the loose dirt under the tire, not only lifting the front end more, but giving you more loose dirt under the tire, and a loss of traction. How much this matters on an RC car, is up for debate. But on a 1/1 off road tire, it’s a real difference.
Anytime bro! You can stop the ballooning with some braided fishing line. Check out the tire forum and you will see what I mean.

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