Senton 3S with new shoes

Senton 3S with new shoes

So I ordered the wrong Duratrax Lockups for my BRCC. Good thing is it fits the Senton as the DBoots Fortess tires were worn, thought it was a good replacement. Couldn't be happier! What do you think?
Looks good. How do they handle?
Well, for just messing around and chasing my son's car, it handled pretty good. They are still sticky though. I expect these to handle off-road much better than the DBoots Fortress due to the extremely aggressive tread. I won't get to test this until next week so I will let you know. I've taken them off for now just to save them and put them back in the bag haha!
Nice. I've been contemplating new tires for my Senton. I don't want anything too aggressive. Traction and handling are important. Tire size is as well. I'd like to stay as close to stock as possible. Seems as though options are limited.
So I have the 12 mm hex ready to go on that way it opens up my options but a lot. These Duratrax tires already have a 14mm hex so i didn't need to adapt right now I only know of Duratrax being the only other seller with 14mm hex in their line. I'd like to put some Badlands on it. Maybe the next mod if I don't like the Lockups. They should do alright though
Will those Duratrax lockup MT 2.8 tires fit rigth on the standard 14mm hex or did you use adapters or anything?
I ordered my bandito sts last week I'm excited!! Are duratrax tires good quality?

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