Stretched Arrma Esca-Rock
DJ Kryptonite

Stretched Arrma Esca-Rock

Can't wait to finish this bad boy up and get some nice weather. In the process of getting all the LEDs to work correctly with the ESC and receiver so blinkers, reverse and brake lights respond as they should. Also installing 1.5" waterproof speakers in the back for some car crushing
not sure what LED controller or wiring configuration you are using, but just figured I would add my 2 cents. I have an overly complicated LED setup on my Big Rock and everything works great with 1 small issue. My reverse lights work most of the time, but not all of the time. I bought my LEDs from and worked with Dan for a couple of months putting together all the lights I wanted, but there is just something about the signal coming from the stock receiver that multiple different LED controllers don't seem to like. Don't get me wrong I love the LED kit I have on my truck, but I would warn anyone who wants to add LEDs that the stock electronics can make it.... well lets say interesting to make everything work the way you want it. Keep up the good work. That looks like one mean basher!!!
Thanks for the input, and I am tracking what you are saying. I actually am running a Spektrum DX4S and receiver have that tied to my diff brain. In between the two I have a led multiplexor that basically reads the different signals for the ESC and servo and uses that to trigger the associated LEDs. I actually got the whole setup to work outside of the vehicle but have to spend the time to properly drill and set each led without ruining the lenses. I'm very good with electronics but I'm not chomping at the bit to drill out those . Definitely waiting till I have an a couple hours with no kids, wife, work, etc. stopping me part way through or I can send me ruining them. I did check out your setup, those light boxes are awesome, nice work. Your Big Rock is awesome!
Thanks, it sounds like you are going to have a pretty killer setup your self. I look forward to seeing it all together.

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