Tamiya Clod Buster Rescue.

Tamiya Clod Buster Rescue.

Just waiting on my ESC so I can test it and bring the poor thing back to life...
Cool to see you're sticking with the stock steering setup. There are a few things you can adjust to make it work better too. But you may have a hard time turning those big B&H's though! I switched to axle mounted servos on both axles on my stock Clod. It works really well.
@Dubbl-A I was looking for a way to do that but there isn't much room. Do you have any pics or a website to show how it was accomplished. There is a lot of play in the steering as always with so many ball links, and those tires are a massive. Not much bigger than stock, but I installed a Power HD 12kg-13kg servo for some extra torque
BTW I test ran it today in the back yard and it climbed a small hill very well and quite slow. The motors in this one have adjustable timing unlike my other Clod which has the Johnson 540's in it.
I can get you a few photos of my steering setups but here is what I use on each axle on my stock Clod.
It's the vertical servo mount from Crawford Performance Engineering.
Brett makes a lot of excellent products for Clodbusters. Take a few minutes and browse the site!

Also, you can get some good power and speed out of the original 540 motors if you run a 3S pack...
@Dubbl-A Nice setup. Looks a lot more solid. I almost cut the recesses above the servo savers to mount them in there. Glad I didn't now. Thanks for the picture!! :)

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