TrackStar Tire Balancer

TrackStar Tire Balancer

Yes I believe for the price it would be hard to beat. It's under 15 bucks and does pretty much every size wheel. It comes in a bag all apart with no directions thou. There is a very good youtube video out to make it a no brainer !!!!
I was just checking out the new Team Ass Version of this. The stand on this one is a nice addition, that is not on the Team Ass Version. I'm pretty sure this will go under the tree this year.
@dpricenator I think at under 15 bucks you cant go wrong. I can't see spending 60 bucks on a high end one not being a factory team racer. This stand "for the money" is awesome and gets your wheels close enough. I was VERY VERY surprised how bad my stock kraton wheels and src road crushers were out of wack !!! Not anymore LOL

This is the one to buy if you want a hand held. They were sold out everywhere I looked so I bought the track star !!!!
@TMINOR I would say being the tires were so out of wack bone stock,one could only believe there would be an improvement in performance and stability brotha. Seeing with my own two eyes how unbalanced they were on the balancer,I can't imagine adding 50 mph how violent they would be shaking things loose over time. This stand honestly is so cheap it just gives me piece of mind knowing the tires don't shake as bad anymore !!! Hope this helps, Dave
@Sparkyd31 that definitely does help man. I'm doing some drag racing and speed runs and my Kraton wobbles more than drunk people dancing at a backyard barbecue. Thanks bro!

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