Typhon meet Merv

Typhon meet Merv

New addition to the family, can’t believe this little sucker cost almost the same as the typhon but great little indoor blaster! Can basically replace every stock part with metal too, going to be a nice little project
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Yeah it is a little limiting but what I’ve seen so far it’s plenty fast enough with 2 packs fitted, wheelies everywhere! I haven’t even fitted the faster pinion yet either
No need to bash on his ride, the E-Revo is a proven platform regardless of what a few say about it.

I got the Mini and its a bullet.

Good choice, and has one of the best suspensions for a truggy in the market.
@Trillium They look Sweet as !! I c you’ve got the hex extenders on there to. How do they go ?? The tires that is. I was thinking of grabbing Badlands MX 28’s but that pic is changing my mind :D
@Camo the hex extenders are working great bud, no problems what so ever, easy upgrade. The trenchers are great rubber man, tear over grass and great on dirt, way better than stock! Highly recommended
@Toiletpimp I have completely stripped my merv now and fitted all metal parts and it looks and feels the business. I wish you could get as many parts readily available for the Typhon as that beast fully armoured up would be the ultimate.
I have a typhon and a merv too, that little sucker rips! Do you have any more pics of the typhon?

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