Rich Duperbash

Typhon Trencher 2.8 Durability Bash

Tried out a new local spot to test my Gorilla taped 2.8 Trenchers on Proline F11 rims. Typhon took a mean beating on a very rough, rutted, and slippery bone dry terrain. Had fun no doubt, found 3 trashed wheel bearings afterward...Lol.
@Steveoarrma517 thanks man, I've had my share of battery ejections in the past with my non-Arrma rigs, not pretty...Lol. I only run 6s and 4s single pack hardcases so far without any problems. Also run single EC5 connector off ESC to battery. Just got another 6s SMC 4300 mAh 90C, fits Outcast tray and others like a glove, same size as a 4s brick, only slightly heavier.
I'll tell ya, I need to move to Cali.!!! You should consider yourself lucky to have that many BMX type spots where you can go to bash. The 2 spots I found near me are both private... :mad: I do have 3 tracks within a reasonable distance from me but you still have to "Pay 2 Play" so to speak!
@72Z15SS thanks bro, I do feel lucky, just hope these spots stay available. Seen lots of fun places get built over for houses...Etc or flattened/shut down. Still hoping to find a gravel pit somewhere....Lol.
@Rich Duperbash Went to my LHS today to pick up some C/A and they were gone! :(
I got on the phone and tried the number, and the woman that answered said they moved again and will be open next week. So I got to thinking, and then I said to my Son that we can now use the track and not have to pay-to-play. Think we might be having some freebies until someone tells me otherwise...:D
Ok just so nobody gets disappointed, with this setup and 50/100/50 oil diff, on 6S, *non-taped tires*, the front and back tires meet when they balloon, lol.
Doesn't really happen in the wild, but on a testbench, it's scary. On the road the whole car lifts up as the 4 tires start expanding. I should try to measure the top speed for fun.
Conclusion: tape your tires.
@Piecejointe no doubt brother. Hope others are listening. Tape is a must with these Prolines on higher power. Going to give braid a try soon. To me it's the simple solution for easy tire strapping that doesn't pop like tape can over time.

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