Underbody Armor

Underbody Armor

Had to coat underneath my Outcast body with Flex Seal and Dry wall mesh tape, definitely an investment.
What do you think of the spray? Does it set pretty evenly, add much weight/rigidity? Considering trying it myself on Ruckus and Backslash, possibly on Outcast too.
it sets evenly, the only watch out will be on the areas around the body mounts, it definitely added extra material which made it difficult to clip the body pins to the body mounts. i had to cut around it afterwards (the holes on the body).
I just did this to my NERO body. Started with shoo-goo with dry-wall tape. Waited it to dry one day. Then I put down a layer of Leak Seal (Krylon brand rubber coating). I feel the strength came from the shoo-goo and the dry-wall tape. Other than the added weight of the rubber coating I can't really say it made it any stronger. If there was a good way of thinning down the shoo-goo that would be perfect in my opinion. Maybe getting a solvent that I could brush over the shoe-goo so it spreads more evenly and in thinner layers.
I'm doing this to my Nero body. It's not as thick as most of the other bodies? I bought the stuff you brush on rather than the spray.
NERO body is super thin for a truck as heavy. The fact it uses the rear of the body as a wheely bar will trash the body by the time you put in the 3 battery pack!
I coated mine as well. But just a hint. Flex seal while decent, I don't find does as good a job as Rustoleum. I guess its really just preference. But the flex seal can be a bit spatchy. The Rustoleum Bed Liner works great and doesn't add a ton of weight like the Flex Seal and tape.
As you can see the Rustoleum Bed Liner looks much better. And it follow the outlines of the truck body much better. This limits the clumpy like feeling of the Flex Seal. It also only cost roughly 7-9 dolars a can and is enough to do multiple bodies. I did two coats on this application and I love it. I am not saying that the flex seal won't work just that in my experience this does better.

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