VAS !!

VAS !!

Review on the Outcast and Kraton.
Good vid to watch on a Friday night Vas !!
He is a beast of a driver/ tester !! Passionate man. I think Arrma send him the rigs to test and review. Nice job !!
I don't know if you can trust the scores he gives since he might just get them free from Arrma, but he does talk about real details that they could fix for their next releases.

I do watch his videos to see the models, he shows many things that others don't.
He gets them for free... But buys his own upgrades etc....
End of the day if the car is crap he'll tell ya.. doesn't matter if he paid for it or not.
Good review vid.
The outcast torture test he did was great too... Some serious air at the other track he goes to !
Vas seems like a good guy who gives an honest opinion and is not afraid to highlight any flaws in a rc. His running and review vids of the Kraton and Typhon helped convince me to buy them! Wish I had access to a bmx track like the one he runs on.

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