Yep yep yep !!!

Yep yep yep !!!

She's getting quite a work out while the Outcast is out of action. Classic rig !!
Nice to have a skate park all to your self!!!! Around here there are so many skaters, that you never see an empty park. The benefit for me is that all the skate parks are super clean. There is never trash, or stained cement. The sheer # of skate wheels would just clean the ground anyway.
@Camo Nope!!... Only a test or two out the front yard. Have had either crap weather over here or been busy with the kids.
Driving me nuts!! Really want to get out this weekend if i can and give the typhon a good test with cut down outcast side guards. Hopefully they don't cause any extra heat.
Yours all fixed up and running?? No more kids doing donuts with your kraton !?? :p
Nah learnt my lesson on that one ha ha !!!. Slight crack in the rear lower a arm on the Outcast popped the shock through the arm lost the pin and ball been on mas ordering today !!
@Camo haha... I bet! :p
Mas have the parts you need??
Seen gka have put their prices down... Might be time to order some parts i think :)

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