K9-6S Lowered Street Buggy

My Third Arrma 6S parts build. Goal for K9-6S was an alternative to a Limitless or Infraction utilizing a large parts bin I had collected.

General RC Information

This is my New and 3rd Arrma 6S parts bin build. Goal for K9-6S was an alternative to a Limitless or Infraction utilizing a large parts bin I had collected.

I don't have any good local location for High Speed running. Just don't.
But my sleepy town has some nice blocks I can rip up and down. Friendly neighbors.
Work at home so I can take advantage of quiet afternoons out front!
A mostly stock Fast Street Buggy is something I was going to build with Good Dalek but it went differently.
This was a good opportunity to use up a lot parts I had in the bin and build a third for the street.

It's a little shorter than an Infraction/Limitless and uses a 3.3 ratio trans so its potential is not as fast but I plan on trying some 2.8 diffs in it eventually. Titanim driveshafts likely, certainly in the front. I used lots of Typhoon TLR parts, as much as I could with the Limitless towers.

This Acybergenesis is documented in this Build Log
K-9 6S | Typhon/Limitless/Infraction/TLR Arrma Parts

Current (July 2024)

K9-6S Lowered Typhon 6S Street Buggy, Firma Powered.
Arrma Typhon Blue BLX Body Shell, Velcro.
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Rear Wing, 175mm.
Arrma 6S SWB Chassis.
Arrma 6S Typhon Arms and Hubs.
Arrma Limitless Towers.
Arrma Limitless Shock Bodies (F/R).
TLR and EXB suspension mounts.
Arrma Typhon TLR - Steering tuned rack and servo saver, Spektrum S665 Servo (20kg).
FastEddy Sealed Bearings.

Firma 150a ESC.
Firma 4074 2050kv motor, NHX Twin Cyclone Cooling Fans 28000 RPM Motor Heatsink.
Arrma 50T Spur Gear (also 46T).
Arrma 22T Pinion Gear.
Arrma 6S Differentials 3.3 ratio Straight Cut 13t, 43t diff. (stock)
Arrma 6S Center OD diff (500cst).

HOBBYMATE Flysky FS GT5 RC Transmitter 2.4Ghz
HOBBYMATE Flysky FS BS6 Gyro Receiver, 2.4Ghz

dBoots Hoons 42/100 2.9 Belted Tires, White's, 100 X 43 mm, 17mm Hex, 111g/each
Gear Speed App Tells me my Potential is;
50/22: 79 mph @50.4k rpms (4.1V/cell)
50/22: 73 mph @46.7k rpms (3.8V/cell)
46/22: 86 mph @50.4k rpms (4.1V/cell)
46/22: 79 mph @46.7k rpms (3.8V/cell)

dBoots Exabyte TLR Tires, 118 X 42mm, 17mm Hex, 118g/each
Gear Speed App Tells me my Potential is;
50/22: 93 mph @50.4k rpms (4.1V/cell)
50/22: 86 mph @46.7k rpms (3.8V/cell)
46/22: 101 mph @50.4k rpms (4.1V/cell)
46/22: 94 mph @46.7k rpms (3.8V/cell)





IMG_7742 copy.JPG



IMG_7834 copy.JPG

IMG_7832 copy.JPG
RC Type
RC Brand
RC Model
6S Arrma Parts Bin
RC Scale
1/8 Scale

Technical Specifications

Power Source
Battery Type
Motor Type
Drive System
4WD (Four-Wheel Drive)
Top Speed
80-99 mph

Additional Information

Challenges Faced
Flipping, Tumbling, Cartwheeling, Smashing into Fences and Polls, Trees - You know the usual general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
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