1. W

    Arrma vorteks w

    Just recently visited a local rc track on my stock vorteks. It’s a covered outdoor track (hard clay) and looking for help on a solution for hard clay tires and new wheels for the truck. I can do the 17mm conversion using typhon parts but that’s costly. I did see there are adapters for 12 to...
  2. Ozeki

    Senton 3S tire replacement

    On my second day of use the right front tire of my Senton 3S delaminated. I was initially looking to just replace the tire (and entire wheel if neccessary) with another stock one, but it seems like they're really hard to find. I'm also running into trouble finding any replacement that comes in...
  3. Spar69!

    17MM to 14MM hex adapter Talion

    OK Don't know what type of feedback I'll get on this and don't know if it's a stupid idea but I've got 6 sets of TMAXX wheels/tires (on and off road) and I'm looking to run them on my Talion V3 and can't seem to find a 17 to 14mm adapter....just don't want these tires to go to waste.....any ideas???