3d printing

  1. LudeNation

    One Handed Thumb Steering

    **HELP NEEDED** Looking for a 3d printable 1 handed thumb steering attachment for the Arrma SLT3 remote(57mm wheel). I can only find ones for the Arrma DX3(55mm wheel). The "universal" is to small only has a max ID of (33mm) Anyone have any leads. *Pictures below for reference.*
  2. LudeNation

    3d printed front motor dust cover.

    Anyone know where I can find this stl file? I'd like to print one for testing purposes.
  3. sandals100

    Talion 3D Print file for Talion EXB wing

    Just wondering if anyone has a 3d print file for a Talion EXB rear wing? I think the kraton rear wing is similar too
  4. LudeNation

    RC Cars & 3d printing go hand in hand

    Fits majority of the rc car transmitters out there.
  5. LudeNation

    Printed using PLA+. (15 hours) Stand for Arrma Senton 3s

    3d printed a rc car stand with storage compartment and shock holders
  6. LudeNation

    Diff. Rebuild Stand for all Arrma 3s platforms.

    Printed using a Creality Ender 3 at draft quality/0.28mm 20%infill
  7. LudeNation

    Senton ZAP(finishing resin)on 3d printed lights?

    I bought some 3d printed(not sure of filament used) lights for my Senton v3. Would it be a good idea to coat them in ZAP(Finishing Resin) for extra protection? If not I am open to ideas and suggestions. Thanks!
  8. SamVorst

    3D printed Arrma parts

    Hi all, I'm planning to design and 3D print my own parts. And sell them online. Does some one have a good idea about what sort of parts, or wants a custom made part? and how to print them strongest way possible? I test designed and printed a suspension arm from PLA. This was reasonable strong...
  9. GraniteGuy

    Granite Servo Saver

    So my granite's servo saver came apart, I have bad landings hahaha, so I made this solid one in Tinkercad to use while parts get here. I have a good servo so I'm not worried about it stripping gears. The design is pretty rough, but it works well. I thought people might like the STL...
  10. WoodiE

    Creality Ender 3 v2 3D Printer Giveaway!

    GIVEAWAY IS OVER! The winner, @Uplift-RC, has been announced in this post. One thing is for sure, you guys have really impressed us with all the 3D prints you've done over at the 3D Printing forum and now we want to give ONE lucky winner a chance to make even more with a FREE Creality Ender...
  11. lycin8008

    Designed and 3D printed RC Buggy

    For a while, I've been wanting to design and print an RC car. I checked out the Open-RC designs and thought the open f1 was super popular, and sifting through the remixes for the better designs would be an arduous task, not to mention boring and unchallenging. So I looked at the open truggy. I...
  12. KAITvsk Racing

    Has anyone made a front Composite Upper Gearbox 3D print file?

    You would need a front Composite Upper Gearbox Crv / Shock Tower 3D print file! Who has then please send!
  13. TheFuzz1542

    Made a ESC adapter plate for the 1/10th scale Chassis.

    I wanted to mount my Hobbywing XeRun XR8 140 / 880 amp ESC to my Senton 3S but it's too wide to fit in between the two lid screws. Originally I had to mount it sideways in between the screws to fit but this led to part of it sticking out from the lid which meant it did not make full contact with...
  14. O

    Typhon How Problematic is Heat on the ESC and Motor?

    Here's my build and info: - Arrma Typhon 6S v4 (2019) - Replaced ESC with HobbyWing Max6 - Replaced motor with 4985 SL-1650KV - Replaced tx/rx with DX5C and SR215 - Replaced Servo - Why did I replace everything? Water damage... - Location: Hot, Texas - Experience Level: Built 10+ quadcopters...
  15. WoodiE

    Not RC. Volunteers 3D print life-saving valves for coronavirus treatments