1. Brian T

    Typhon Can I clean differential with gasoline?

    So I purchased new hot racing steel gears and input shaft with a hot racing aluminum carrier case, the stock case holds Metal Gears inside of it when I pull those out I want to clean them can I soak them in gasoline to clean them because I don't have a hobby shop anywhere near me, this 550 has...
  2. Qasim2021

    Kraton Bought new aluminum knuckles, but can't get steering right

    I just purchased some aluminium knuckles but can't get this right the steering is not working properly please help. Be Gentle.
  3. BashingBrian

    New aluminum ARRMA diff case!

    Not sure if people have seen this so I thought I'd just leave it here, no more need for Hot Racing..??
  4. C

    Kraton Integy parts

    Not sure if they are really new, or if I just missed them for a whole year, but I just noticed that Integy now had a whole bunch of parts for the Arrma Vehicles They aren't specifying the caliber/quality of the aluminium they use, but they are billet machined (which mean CNC I guess). I'm not a...
  5. paulybatz

    Kraton Looking for an aluminum servo mount

    Looking for an aluminum servo mount for outcast / think it's the same for kraton. and other parts wheels/tires for kraton Bought a used project outcast too Tires / lugs.
  6. crimsonfancy

    Which vehicle should get which mount?

    I have a Voltage Hobbies servo mount with tabs that just arrived. I also have a Hot Racing servo mount not yet installed. If it matters, Talion v3 or Notorious.....who gets which mount? What would you do? Are they relatively the same build? Will one fit better than the other? Both...
  7. N

    Which screws I need to attach the aluminum side plates?

    Hi, Can you please tell me which screws I need to attach the aluminum side plates Arrma Part AR320200 to Fury chassis? Thanks, Nick
  8. [Hot Racing Aluminum Sway Bar Mount] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Hot Racing Aluminum Sway Bar Mount] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Arrma Senton 6s BLX v3 did not come with sway bars like its predecessors. Added the sway bars and upgraded the mounts, as the stock plastic flexed and broke off.
  9. Killer Kraton

    Kraton Aluminum diff cases?

    Are the Gmp as good as HR? I keep having diff problems and would like to solve them. Not sure what broke this last time...haven't pulled it open.
  10. cordell12

    Kraton RPM A-Arms vs. Aluminum

    After much admiring of aluminum A-arms I have decided to order RPM for both the front and rear. Neither are broke, and I know deep down I shouldn't replace them until needed, but I feel like I needed something to do to my Kraton. Working on it is just as fun as driving for me, I find it relaxing...
  11. MailManX

    Kraton Alloy Diff Cases, HR vs GPM

    I was planning to buy the HR diff case, but the one from GPM appears to be nicer. It is a 100-percent aluminum 2-piece design. It does not use the larger bearing, though. I have asked one person so far, a Youtube user who has tried both. He likes the GPM case much better and said the stock size...
  12. TheLectrician

    Aluminum A-arms for kraton?

    Are there any aluminum A-arms for the kraton?
  13. S

    Senton senton 4x4

    I bought the arrma senton 4x4 and I can’t find any websites with aluminum parts. If anyone has a websit please share it.
  14. Plasce209

    Senton Aluminum suspension arms???

    Hi...I am wondering if any one has found aluminum suspension arms (specially the front ones) that will fit the Senton Mega 4x4? Thanks!!!
  15. Rcnerd

    Kraton Voltage Hobbies aluminum rear shock tower

    Hey everyone- bent my stock rear shock tower, so replaced it with Voltage Hobbies 7075 CNC machined aluminum tower. Comes in a bunch of colors and seems like it will be a huge upgrade. I can't imagine this thing will bend, but time will tell. You can find the part here if interested...
  16. Iccredman

    ISO Extra Steering Parts - AR340079

    Hello all! I have broken the part in the picture a few times. It is about $16 to buy the AR340079 Steering Parts Set - 2014 Spec. So, I'm reaching out to see if anyone knows where I can I buy just this one part, but in a quantity of maybe 3-10. Or, even better, does anyone know if I can...
  17. Motorhead419

    Nero upgrade, GKA rockers

    GKA Rocker upgrade LOSA6047 LOSA6049
  18. Voltage Hobbies

    Voltage Hobbies Aluminum Shock Towers for the Kraton, Talion, and Outcast

    Here's a little teaser on what's coming soon from Voltage Hobbies, shock towers for the Kraton, Talion, and Outcast! They will be CNC Machined from 7075 aluminum. Our towers are going to be 6mm thick in the thicker sections of the tower, and 5mm thick in the thinner sections of the tower.
  19. Restlessrustler

    Kraton Diff or gearbox case for the kraton? knuckles?

    I'm looking for a option for the diff or gearbox housing for the kraton, upgrades? also, the front knuckle is cracked, I see hot racing makes em, but anything else? Thanks Shawn
  20. Cconnj

    Talion Aluminum parts for Talion

    hi all, I'm new here. Looking for a aluminum front diff gear box. I've already ordered some Dex8t parts. I have to rebuild the front end of my Talion. I blew apart the front diff box and would like to put in some sort of bulk head or change that composite piece to something stronger to lower the...