arrma felony

  1. A

    Felony Ordered Orange Felony after Lots of confusion.

    So after getting lots of suggestion and replies from all. Though majority recommended to go with Infraction V2 6s but something compelled me otherwise. Hence,I have ordered Felong Orange color with my LHS. So I welcome any Final thoughts as I have a buffer of 2 days to change the product and...
  2. senton gt install limitless's diffuser

    senton gt install limitless's diffuser

  3. A

    Infraction Arrma Felony Vs Infraction 6s

    @DLK83 @Tex Koder @RcDad23 @phm14 @RC Steve @blaster27 @Moirae Any suggestion Between Arrma Felony Vs infraction I am considering infraction by LHS suggesting me Felony. Though I am not sure the purpose of LHS salesman recommending Felony over infraction. But personally I feel...
  4. samuelppeters5

    Infraction Dual 6s build

    Hello, I’ve looked in a lot of places but can only seem to find 1 or 2, does anyone build a dual 6s motor street basher / speedrun car. I’m looking to build one and know it’s not as practical as a single 8s but want to build a car that draws some Oooos and ahhhhs without breaking the bank. I’m...
  5. Q

    Felony What batteries are yall running?

    New to hobby and never ran my truck, hobby lobby told me not to get two 6s batteries and run them in parallel because it would overheat and kills my esc from the long run time, is that right? I don’t want just one 6s for balance reasons and assumed I could just go two 6s 5000mh and run it...
  6. C

    Infraction to Felon for NOOB

    I'm getting back into the RC scene and I've just brought an Infraction v2, but really wanted the Felon (though the handbrake, and local stockist issues made the Infraction arguably a better buy for me). As both effectively are the same car with some slight differences from what I understand...
  7. Halfraction


    Paying homage @Flames77
  8. Arrma felony

    Arrma felony

  9. Fiercetatsu

    Limitless Would this work ?

    I have a off road limitless/felony/infraction It runs 8s and uses the 6s kraton arms, diffs and suspension. I was wondering if the kraton, outcast or mojave bumpers would fit the limitless chassis ? It’s dirty because I was running it late last night through the mud and bushes (with different...
  10. Ruvi

    Felony Hello im new to the forum and i had a few questions

    I had a felony and a notorious really stock (notorious alu center diff) whats the best upgrades for these cars?
  11. Arrma Limitless V2 gets carbon parts, XLX2 2028 8s Monster

    Arrma Limitless V2 gets carbon parts, XLX2 2028 8s Monster

    new carbon sideskirt, plates in battery tray, receiver box covermade by myself
  12. joshjosh

    Felony Felony wheel speed calculator

    Hello friends, I’ve been playing around with some wheel speed calculators, and in doing so I believe I’ve found the Arrma Felony rear differential should have a GP5 input gear with a GP6 diff spur. I’ve attached screen shots, but with these numbers I get really close to the same wheel speeds. I...
  13. Jb32935

    Felony Functional parachute

    Just need to paint it but here is the preview. Any interest in this sort of thing? Be happy to tell about the setup and where to source it all. Don’t laugh at my safety pin. 😂
  14. ArrmaSmokes

    Felony Spektrum Dual motor 12s

    Hello arrma dudes So I’m having this problem on my dual motor felony So I desired to swap the front diff “gp5”to the back and the back “gp6” to the front So when I changed it used it I noticed the front would tighten up but would still roll only if pushed or with it being driven and it would...
  15. Bigrayzrc

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma felony 400$

    Decent arrma felony. Will include a spare motor. Will include spare parts as well. May include the 3s batteries with it as well for the right price. I just don't have an are to run it wich is why im selling it. Throw an offer.
  16. #ARRMArcfanboy4life

    Infraction I need your help

    I want to buy an arrma all road car, but I don't know which one to get. I just plan on doing some street bashing and don't have any plans on speedrunning. I really like the felony's looks. I don't want to spend $1k+ on a limitless with some nice electronics. I have heard the infraction is the...
  17. WoodiE

    Felony Arrma Felony Rebuild

    Since getting my Mojave EXB I haven't been running my Kraton 6s at all and decided it was time to get something else. Ended up trading the Kraton for a used Arrma Felony that isn't in terrible condition, but certainly seen better days. This is my first on-road car I've owned in probably 10...