1. 1999fd

    For Sale Arrma Senton 4s Auction starting today!

    bid as fast as you can! starting price 370 dollars s I decided to quit this hobby since i don't find it that fun anymore. Decided to...
  2. 1999fd

    For Sale Arrma Senton 4s Conversion

    I decided to quit this hobby since i don't find it that fun anymore. Decided to sell my first truck i built. It was firstly a Senton Mega 550 but i decided i wanted something faster. Price: 450 USD (debatable) Specifications: - SLT3 Stock Reciever and Controller - Arrma Mojave S652 Servo - V2 4S...
  3. 1999fd

    For Sale For sale Arrma Senton Mega - Kraton 4s Swap (with smart lipos and charger)

    I decided to quit the hobby since its too expensive for me. If anyone is interested you can message me/make offers here -->
  4. Kowal

    Fireteam Problem with motor mount

    Hi! Yesterday i got my first Arrma RC... and I have a problem. (I didn't even start it) I would like to change the motor(because I have a different ones ) And I cant unscrew motor mount. Inner or outer. they don't move at all, Also heating doesn't help. how can i take it off? share your tips...
  5. S


    Hi I have recently soldered the bullets on my tp motor. But some of the tin has spread to my plugs as you can see in the pictures below. Is this very bad or should i not worry ?
  6. jbull250

    Man Vs. RC Carnage

    Anyone have any videos of personal carnage while bashing? Anyone take themselves out in FPV or on GoPro? I figured I'd make a separate Post after being inspired by @AjDale 's recent experience ending in 5 dome staples (what a tank!). I just figured someone else besides me must have some fun...
  7. A

    Notorious Finally Naughty has arrived

  8. xRue

    Infraction Anyone turned their infraction 3s body into a half cab??

    Anyone made their 3s body like this?
  9. S

    AWD 3d print

    I designed a chassis around the wltoys 144001 drivetrain using Solidworks for a college class. So far it’s been a fun budget build that really scratches the itch. I plan to make this a kit on 3d cults and Bambu Studio for the ultimate DIYers. This is version 2.0. The first version was an...
  10. S

    Wl toys 144001 DIY

    I took the drivetrain of a wltoys 144001 and designed a chassis around it for a capstone class at my college. It’s printed with ABS but I plan on reprinting it in nylon for even higher impact resistance and flexibility. I built this in SolidWorks over the course of a couple months. I plan on...
  11. A

    Infraction Arrma Felony Vs Infraction 6s

    @DLK83 @Tex Koder @RcDad23 @phm14 @RC Steve @blaster27 @Moirae Any suggestion Between Arrma Felony Vs infraction I am considering infraction by LHS suggesting me Felony. Though I am not sure the purpose of LHS salesman recommending Felony over infraction. But personally I feel...
  12. A

    Kraton Kraton 6s exb, Xmaxx and Losi Promotomx bike.Which one would you pick

    Considering and assume You don't have either of them You only have budget for one and All of them don't have similarities Which one would you pick and buy at 1st and what is the reason Also humble request to arrange in sequence in order of your buying preference while replying Between...
  13. Lride Chart

    SOLD / FOUND SOLD-ARRMA Kraton, Fireteam, Outcast, and a Losi Mini with motors and lots of parts.

    RC lot up for sale!!!! SOLD-ARRMA Fireteam- comes with M2C chassis, M2C chassis braces, EXB shock towers, EXB steering, Vitavon Diff case brand new, M2C Ackerman plate, and already installed 1450kv motor with a 20 tooth pinion, also has stock motor included with some extra plastic arms and...
  14. G

    Kraton Kraton 6s exb lower hinge pins

    Hey all, brand new here brand new to the hobby. Only been at it for about 2 months now, but am heavily addicted and invested! Ive got a Kraton 6s exb, Fireteam 6s and a Granite blx. So on my kraton I’ve had a few good wrecks and have changed out all sorts of parts. But one part in particular...
  15. Luke66

    Vendetta Arrma Vendetta active aero project.

    So, there is a chance I could be getting a SWB on-road. Before that happened, I wanted to give my 'Detta a little love. I mean, of the two, which would get driven more? (you don't need to answer that) So, I looked at my 'Detta and said to myself "Luke, active aero would be cool." So, I head to...
  16. LeondeLigt

    Typhon Arrma typhon 3s speed runner on 6s

    Hey guys, i just wanted to show and get your opinions of one of my speed runners. It has a tp power 3640 scm 3570kv motor and a hobbywing max 8. Servo idk but it is fast and it last long so far. Is already has done 95 mph but around 95 mph it starting to act like a plane, but it has way more in it!
  17. El Patron

    Vendetta Lighting up the Rig

    Thanks for all the support and wishes. Finally putting lights for those night speed runs.
  18. samuelppeters5

    Kraton 6s arrma Custom/homemade mods

    Alright guys, custom and homemade mods has gotten my interest lately because it puts a "custom" title to your rc, so let's see them homemade mods. I'll post some of mine tomorrow morning (Is for all 6s arrmas)
  19. samuelppeters5

    Infraction Dual 6s build

    Hello, I’ve looked in a lot of places but can only seem to find 1 or 2, does anyone build a dual 6s motor street basher / speedrun car. I’m looking to build one and know it’s not as practical as a single 8s but want to build a car that draws some Oooos and ahhhhs without breaking the bank. I’m...
  20. ChriswithaC

    Kraton My new Kraton 4s v2.5 ! Man I’m excited about this ❤️🤙🚀🚀🚀🚀

    Hey guys are some of you are aware I run a YouTube channel ChriswithaC RC Received my new K4 v2.5 yesterday and I’m a massive fan of the 3s and 4s range This is awesome ❤️