1. O

    Senton 3S tire replacement

    On my second day of use the right front tire of my Senton 3S delaminated. I was initially looking to just replace the tire (and entire wheel if neccessary) with another stock one, but it seems like they're really hard to find. I'm also running into trouble finding any replacement that comes in...
  2. Kraton 6s V4 Backflip

    Kraton 6s V4 Backflip

    What it says on the tin.
  3. gary.rvp

    Kraton Diff fluid recommendations

    I have a K8 and stock sistem with 23T pinion. I all ready have ear plug for the center diff I want recommendations front and rear? And other question any problem with ear plug, the one that have used?
  4. gary.rvp

    Kraton Steering problem what to do?

    I change the servo that horizon send me. But I try everything in my knowledge any suggestions? It go good right but not left. I att videos.
  5. O

    Typhon How Problematic is Heat on the ESC and Motor?

    Here's my build and info: - Arrma Typhon 6S v4 (2019) - Replaced ESC with HobbyWing Max6 - Replaced motor with 4985 SL-1650KV - Replaced tx/rx with DX5C and SR215 - Replaced Servo - Why did I replace everything? Water damage... - Location: Hot, Texas - Experience Level: Built 10+ quadcopters...
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  8. gary.rvp

    Kraton Servo broblem?

    My K8 I don’t now if is servo problem. It’s don’t move wen is oof.I goin to attach a video
  9. gary.rvp

    Kraton Pinion gear loose.

    I have Kraton 8s stock, the stock gear get loose and damaged motor mount. I get a new arrma 23t gear and put blue glue and left for 24 hrs and in the second run get loose again what I can do?
  10. Arrma limitless

    Arrma limitless

  11. Yas

    Arrma Notorious Motown glam!

    First go at painting a full body shell! I used CoreRC polycarbonate paints. Pretty happy with the results. Let me know what you think 🤔👍 Metallic silver backed with a true chrome Better move cat! Looking slammed Some imperfections but still learning for next time. Link to my...
  12. bars&tone RC

    Kraton Kraton 4s Motor bearing size?

    Hi everyone! Wanted to see if anyone knew what size bearing the Kraton 4S motor has? I had the front bearing blow apart on me and I was trying to find a replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Yas

    Typhon First speed run attempt! Typhon 3S

    First ever speed run attempt and I was pretty stunned with the results 😳 20t 0.8 MOD pinion, 4000kv Maverick motor and Duratrax Bandito tyres all hooked up to a DX5C
  14. Typhon 3s lowered

    Typhon 3s lowered

    Taking this thing out for a first speed run test tomorrow 20t pinion, 4000kv Maverick motor, Duratrax Bandito tyres. Any guesses on speeds?
  15. gary.rvp

    Kraton From pivot ball who to instal ?

    Pivot ball is broke and want to know how I can get in in the composite cup
  16. gary.rvp

    Mojave The motor broke?

    The car don’t go front or reverse. The mesh is good I going to attach to videos.
  17. gary.rvp

    Mojave Mojave replacement Tire

    Hi I am trying to fix that my tire don rip inside. I I put m2c extended wheel nuts, and it doing again y talk with Horizon about the problem and they keep sending me tire. They toll me that talk to my hobby shop to see if recomer other stronger arrma tire that fix any ideas?
  18. Kraton6s


    V4 with some upgrades
  19. Traxxas Maxx VS Arrma Kraton 6s (Tug Of War) battle it out!

    Traxxas Maxx VS Arrma Kraton 6s (Tug Of War) battle it out!

    The Traxxas Maxx 4s vs Arrma Kraton 6s "GRU" in a pitched head to head battle to dominate the other. No holds bar'd fight to the just kidding.. We had fun!
  20. gary.rvp

    Mojave Mojave back lose any recommendations?

    Hi I am running 60k front 200k Center 20k in the back. have the stock motor with speed stock gear. and firma 160 amp with a 6s 50C. when I trade to go full gas is go sidewise. and make me go loose I att a video.