1. H

    RC Car Motor issue: Intermittent Forward Operation, Smooth Reverse

    Help I'm experiencing an issue with my RC car and hoping someone might have encountered a similar problem or can provide some guidance. Problem: Forward Operation: When I press the throttle button for forward movement, the motor doesn't operate smoothly. It appears to get stuck...
  2. Trey Wood

    Outcast Arrma Outcast 8s EXB with JConcepts Magma’s

    Not sure if anyone else has tried this wheel and tire combo yet, I know people have been sort of turned off by the sheer weight of them. But if you’re a basher and want a good grass tire that bites I don’t think there’s anything like it. Depending on what gearing/power system you’re running you...
  3. MrWednesday

    Big Rock Big Rock Centre Diff?

    Anyone ever try to put a proper centre differential in a 1/10th Big Rock? My first RC was an Outcast 8S EXB and a 12S Beast Pro DBXLE 2.0. (yes… I jumped into this hobby balls first). So I don’t have a whole lot of experience with 10th scale, but I did pick up a Tekno ET410 a couple months ago...
  4. Upgrades, Adapting And Modifications (Part1) Arrma Typhon 3s Street Modified #arrmatyphon3s #arrma

    Upgrades, Adapting And Modifications (Part1) Arrma Typhon 3s Street Modified #arrmatyphon3s #arrma

  5. Test 3 Failed!!! Arrma Typhon 3s Street Modified

    Test 3 Failed!!! Arrma Typhon 3s Street Modified

  6. Arrma Typhon 3S BLX Street Modified #arrma #arrmatyphon3s #arrmarc #arrmatyphon3sblxstreetmod

    Arrma Typhon 3S BLX Street Modified #arrma #arrmatyphon3s #arrmarc #arrmatyphon3sblxstreetmod

    Testing 50T/25T Gear Ratio and another parts
  7. Arrma Typhon 3S BLX Street Modified #arrma #arrmatyphon3s

    Arrma Typhon 3S BLX Street Modified #arrma #arrmatyphon3s

    Installation Carbon Fiber Side Skirts, Integy Drive Shaft and RCAWD Differential.
  8. arrma typhon 3s blx process.

    arrma typhon 3s blx process.

  9. Arrma typhon 3s blx street modified

    Arrma typhon 3s blx street modified

    test Rwd
  10. RCaDDict666

    Infraction My R34 GT-R Body is done!

    I’m so happy how this body came out! Just need to add some of the stickers but the clean black look is definitely growing on me! Project GTЯR Infraction is coming together like I envisioned. Now to choose a motor setup for 100mph+ but bashable…hmmm..
  11. RCaDDict666

    Infraction Project Infraction GT-ЯR

    So this is my dream build, an Arrma Infraction 8S with a GT-R body. I’m finally in a position to make it happen but it’s going to take some time. Still undecided on a few things (motor, ESC) but have pretty much everything else figured out. I want a 100mph+ car that can also bash when I want it...
  12. Arrma granite problems

    Arrma granite problems

    Hello! I just got into rc and bought a used granite it is having a few problems it runs at a very low speed and when you throttle up it stops and you have to try again.if that doesn’t happen it only goes slow and turns the esc off . Tha is what happened in the video. I am using the stock battery
  13. V1 limitless

    V1 limitless

  14. Arrma felony

    Arrma felony

  15. Freshwatts

    Arrma limitlessl

    Practically locks up when I put the Diff cover on housing in the rear has anyone else had this issue ive had my limiless for 3 years ive never had this issue
  16. Zen

    Typhon ARRMA Typhon RTR TLR 6S

    Hi, I have recently got a RTR TLR ARRMA 6s Typhon to go racing at my 1:8 racing club. The course itself is off-road, with a few jumps and one strip of tarmac. Can anybody recommend a good setup using the TLR features and the ESC?? Thanks :)
  17. S

    Typhon Team Associated or Arrma

    Im looking to get a 6s 1/8 rc buggy/truggy one car im looking at is the team associated RC8b3.1e the one im looking at would be $325 rtr with a HiTech servo Motiv MC8 1950kv sensored motor and a Hobby wing XE run xr8 plus esc it would just need a body. or would a arrma typhon 6s or kraton 6s be...
  18. J

    SOLD / FOUND Talion 6S EXB RTR for sale

    This Arrma Talion EXB 1/8 scale RC car is completely stock and ready to run. It is in good condition with minor chassis and body scratches from light use. My son says this car runs amazing and is indestructible no matter how you bash it. It is a 4S or 6S car, however we used it as a 4S car...
  19. babiarne

    Kraton Lost on how to reassemble

    Hi guys! I want to fix up the car so my kid can drive but im completely lost on how to proceed here. I tried to fix it last year but I forgot where I left off. Anyone got some pointers for where I should start? Not sure which parts to start with. I attached some images.
  20. arrmarrma

    Granite Used Granite 3s value?

    Hey all, happy Saturday! I found a used granite 3s in my area that looks to be in good condition, comes with an electron pro 100w charger, 5200mah 3s, and a spare set of shocks. there's not a lot of info on the listing besides that but the photos look alright. I talked him down to $175, good...