1. Fiercetatsu

    Senton Still considered a senton right ?

    soooo I had a typhon and a parts for my old senton laying around and decided to make this, has arrma Mojave tires, I cut the body for more tire clearance and to allow the wing from the typhon to still be used. The bumper shocks work really nice but I want to get rid of the ones going sideways as...
  2. Bigrayzrc

    For Sale Arrma felony 400$

    Decent arrma felony. Will include a spare motor. Will include spare parts as well. May include the 3s batteries with it as well for the right price. I just don't have an are to run it wich is why im selling it. Throw an offer.
  3. Mark_k6s

    Typhon Arrma typhon 6s body options

    Hey all What is it i need to do to add a truck body to my typhon? What parts and bodies will fit? My typhon is truggyfied if that helps Many thanks mark
  4. Arrma typhon v5

    Arrma typhon v5

    Went for blue lights on the rear
  5. Arrma typhon v5

    Arrma typhon v5

    Added some lights
  6. Arrma typhon v5 truggified

    Arrma typhon v5 truggified

    Arrma typhon v5 truggified
  7. Arrma typhon v5 truggified

    Arrma typhon v5 truggified

    Arrma typhon v5 truggified
  8. LibertyMKiii

    Mojave Project Aero Max - Arrma 6s based speed runner

    I would like to introduce to you a new project of mine. This one is going to be called Aero Max as the goal was to reduce the aerodynamic frontal area of a 1/7 scale-sized car. It will be a speed runner so I have placed it in the speed run builds part of the forum. This project has 3 phases...
  9. Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrma Kratons and a Big Rock in Bashing Paradise in Southern Finland (October 2022). This is my favorite place for bashing with my Arrmas. The place is big, rough and awesome!
  10. B

    Big Rock Big Rock!! Big Beast!!

    Man, this thing is running amazing!! It’s that special moment when you finally understand how to properly maintain diffs, proper oils/shims…and get the mesh perfect!! She runs quite as a mouse and fast!! Have the duratrax stakkers on the feet/oucast 4s shocks…20 weight in the diffs, 15 tooth...
  11. OutcastKB

    New servo only turns one way

    I just put a new servo in my Outcast 6s EXB ready to run. Replaced the stock one because it just stopped working. The new one will only turn one direction, I turn right it turns left, if I turn left it turns left???? I switched the ESC and servo plugs in the receiver and the throttle will turn...
  12. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Pinion size and specs .

    Hey guys , Loads of questions for you all lol , new platform for me arrma so making sure I get it all right . Ok so my 3650 3900kv brushless motor and ESC should be here in a few days and just purchased this pinion . Right question one Is 48dp correct pitch ???? Question two before I buy more...
  13. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Arrma Vorteks Boost 4x2

    Hey guys , so I'm eagerly waiting on my Vortkes Boost to land and have been looking for reviews on YouTube. Hopping for some of the big guys to get one up asap . Stumbled across this guy posted today . Now I can't wait , I've already ordered a brushless motor and 80a ESC combo from Surpass a...
  14. D

    Granite Arrma BLX80 esc both red snd blue lights on.

    No steering and no throttle both red and blue lights are on . Also won't power up with fresh 2s battery only a 3s .. please help
  15. Qburt16

    Talion Does not make the normal power on tones!

    Help needed! I thought I had binded my arrma talion correctly then tried to calibrate it did not work correctly I'm getting constant two beep intervals with matching 2 LEDs with fire up, power on. I have looked everywhere to try to correct this action, it's right out of the box hasn't been...
  16. L

    What is the most efficient RPM for a brushless motor?

    Hey everyone! I'm curious to know what the most efficient RPM range is for brushless motors. I am trying to build a big rock right now, and I want it to run cool on grass with a top speed on packed dirt/pavement of 60+mph. I've done some research, and I've realized that the more watts the...
  17. WaZZu206

    SOLD / FOUND Any interest in Arrma 4x4 blx with tons of extras/upgrades. 1 year old

    Not actively looking to sell, but if there is a bunch of interest, I will post pics. Thanks!!
  18. Traxxas Stampede Tries to Do Arrma Things

    Traxxas Stampede Tries to Do Arrma Things

    Not my video but it cracked me up.
  19. JDarby05

    For Sale Tool kit (DeWalt Drill, MIP Hex Bits and drivers, Wiha T-Handles, plus craftsman needle nose, vice grips, channel locks)

    Selling my rc tool kit. Everything I pieced together to make repairs at home or on the go etc Included 1) DeWalt 12V Max Extreme 12 V Brushless Cordless Powered Screwdriver Kit ( Carrying bag, 2 batteries, and charger) 2) MIP Hex Driver Wrenches 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 3) MIP Hex Driver Drill...
  20. R

    traxxas tires on big rock v2? (14mm)

    Im running a stock Arrma big rock bought 2 years ago, made some modifications but now my front tires are broken (cannot be used anymore, not even the rims). The only ones with 14mm on sale locally are the Traxxas 5877, they look pretty much like the ones found in the slash and slayer 4x4, i know...