1. Saltystevo

    Backflip tires

    Where can i buy outcast backflip tires for my kraton at a good price? And do they come without the rims ? Thanks guys
  2. Arrma Talion - Kicker Carnage

    Arrma Talion - Kicker Carnage

    Quick jump session with some bad crashes...
  3. Kraton in "Just a lil bit Psycho"

    Kraton in "Just a lil bit Psycho"

    Just some raw footage of my Kraton doin' what it does on a snowbank and slushie parking lot (while the kids get in some sledding). Had to get it in, we're ce...
  4. Dutch213

    Arrma Typhon - Journey To Speed Build Thread..

    This is my first speed build... I am a complete novice... I don't even know what capacitors do yet... lol Day 1 of many
  5. Warriator

    An original Raider

    Just acquired an early model of the Raider, (with original box) that wasn't working but fixed it. Is it considered a 1/10 and if so, will any of the newer Raider parts fit?
  6. Flyr Rc

    Broke my bumper today

  7. Arrma Talion and Outcast Kicker Session

    Arrma Talion and Outcast Kicker Session

    Arrma Talion and Outcast 25 degree session. bad idea..
  8. Cwatson427

    BLX Please help

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and had a quick question if anyone could help. I just recently received my new 3s typhon and I'm noticing there is alot of resistance. What I mean is I'll give it throttle and it slows down pretty quick. It's almost like it had bushings not bearings which I know is...
  9. MountainHiker

    BLX Not a build.

    Just keeping it going is proving to be time consuming. I don't mind doing maintenance/repairs, but my local hobby store has also proven to be unreliable. Have waited 10 days for a stock shock shaft and the piece that connects it to the a arm, they said it would be here next day. I've just been...
  10. Arrma Notorious LWB new body setup

    Arrma Notorious LWB new body setup

  11. nomis38

    Mildly Modded Senton, :)

    Ive done a few minor mods to my Senton, 1: baja buggy body with light bar, and some decals i made and cut out of vinyl from hobby lobby 2: made a custom mesh chassis debris guard out of screen/shoogoo/staples/velcro 3: chassis brace, cutrain rod/plastidip/hotglue 4: badlands style tires...
  12. Thomas P

    TpParts RcXtremes | ARRMA Tsaagan 6s BLX 1/12th 4wd truck

    Ok, i know...i know..blurred pic..its a body ofc 👀😋. No i will not tell yet..its a semi long term project. This is something that we never seen, never been done. It will be 1 of a nind, and worlds first. Just recived some quotes on material for it. Stay tune for more updates No, it will not...
  13. Size15s

    A new beginning 😁

    First day out with my Kraton I broke the front bumper, gear casing, damage the shell and generally scuffed it all up. It was a blast! Today I placed an order to the other side of the pond, grand old US of A! TBone Racing Thrasher bumper, wheelie bar and mudguards. Hope it don't take too long...
  14. Size15s

    RC collections, what other brands do we burn our money on!

    Hey, just wondering really what all you guys run out side of Arrma's. I collect Tamiya cars and have done for years. I recently started to scale back the collection to allow me to try new hobbies and free up some cash. What do you guys collect, treasure or bash?!
  15. Bigdog3890

    All 3s model built shocks from local RC shop

    Here is a video of my local rc shop guy bill making shocks for all the 3s models for arma !! Here is the link just copy and paste.....
  16. Size15s

    Player 2 enters the game

    Hi guys. My Kraton V3 turned up a week early, now have to wait for the battery to arrive. This is gonna be a long wait! Let's see them Kratons! More bashed and upgraded the better!
  17. crimsonfancy

    SOLD / FOUND ARRMA dBoots Fortress MT Tire Set Glued Black Chrome (set of 4) AR550045

    $45 SHIPPED to the lower 48 states / Paypal only please Black chrome finish 14mm hex size Stock tires for New Granite 4x4 Wheel Bead Diameter: 2.8 (72mm) Overall Diameter: 5.0 (128mm) Width: 2.1 (53mm) Hex Size: 14mm I purchased these to upgrade my Big Rock Crew Cab and they fit very well but...
  18. Outcast LWB

    Outcast LWB

    Finally got to bash the Outcast LWB...It jumps amazing...Thanks Thomas P!
  19. BBDE811B-D634-413C-AD5E-C7C9A3F70BE6.jpeg


    Hungry notorious
  20. ARRMA OUTCAST (3).png

    ARRMA OUTCAST (3).png

    The Boyz getting excited to go outside and play...