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    Typhon 3s upgrade to 6s with big brother Notorious in the back
  2. WLToys144001 & Senton 3s BLX just chillin’

    WLToys144001 & Senton 3s BLX just chillin’

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    Fullsend Sunday!!
  4. J

    Kraton JX Ecoboost 36kg servo horn problem

    Hey guys. I have a V5 Kraton. I was just upgrading the servo to a jx ecoboost 36kg CLS6322HV servo. I've assembled most of it back but the stock spectrum servo horn doesn't seem to fit on the ecoboost servo. It's extremely tight, I've tried pushing it and even knocking on it gently with a...
  5. Exc3l

    Typhon Almost done! Need help on pinion

    Well, now I have everything done! (almost) I have to thread lock the motor screws, make the limitless style rear "wing" out of plastic/Lexan sheets. Then I have to make a front bumper that would cover the shock towers since they act like a brick wall. Now I have one last question before I come...
  6. arrma only fans

    For Sale Arrma HUGE parts lot!!!!!

    I have lots of parts, selling to make more room and to buy a race buggy!! Some parts are new and some are used, most are used. There is a spectrum sr6100at that is worth 85 brand new, asking $130 shipped. No international shipping!! Shipping from 06877. I am willing to separate. fans: sold...
  7. arrma only fans

    SOLD / FOUND Castle creations xlx2 and tp 4070 2230kv

    I have run the xlx2 about 5 times in a speed run car. The tp 4070 2230 kv I have run about 10 times in a speed car. Not even a full charge has gone threw these guys. They have 8mm bullets and ose connectors. These ar very fast!! Easily capable of 120+ mph!! Asking $400 shipped. US only!
  8. Custom Crimson Tide Notorious Body

    Custom Crimson Tide Notorious Body

    Used Outcast body on Notorious ARRMA FORUM
  9. N

    Senton Arrma 3s blx shocks

    I just accidently bought the new arrma typhon 3s blx shocks instead of buying the senton shocks. Is there a difference between the two shocks? Do I need to return them for the senton shocks?
  10. davetron22

    Granite Granite Blx V3 trouble out of the box

    Fresh out of the box 3s Granite Blx V3. It has never been ran. When pushing it i hear this GRINDING SOUND. I pulled off the motor and spur section and inspected the spur/pinion gear mesh..... looks good. When spinning both tires it feels skittish, like chunky if that makes sense, even with...
  11. KDRC

    Everything Arrma Arrma upgrade video
  12. Fun_in_the_sun???


    Arrma in the Keys!!!


  14. Exc3l


    Hey guy's, I would like a battery charger since I have another friend (Granite 3s) joining the fleet soon. I have a converted senton (3s to 6s) so I am going to have about 2-4 3s packs (from HRB). What charger should I get. I would like it to be on "Prime" on ( I have been trying to...
  15. gary.rvp

    Kraton Motor mount and pinion recommendations

    I have a Kraton 8s y but max 5 combo 1100 kv motor within 8mm shaft and I am running 39T spur. I need motor mount that fix the motor and a pinion recommendation
  16. Draknar4

    Kraton First car in 25 years and I built a Kraton EXB come see what I did.

    So I’ll get the electronics out of the way first. Radio: Spektrum DX5c with 6100A receiver. Brain and Muscle: Castle Mamba Monster X 8s and the 1717, 1650kv motor combo Servo: I used a savox waterproof. 1210 model Now that is out of the way we can talk about what else I have done. I opened...
  17. Exc3l

    Typhon Mounting BLX185 (under typhon body)

    Hey guys, I just got my new Typhon body and it looks good! However, I am having trouble mounting it under the body. Is the someway I could take out the receiver box? I know the servo is attached to it, but is it possible?
  18. Yas

    Talion shocks on a 3S rig *OR* Felony

    Has anybody tried using Talion F&R shocks on a 3S rig? The 3S rig in question is a Typhon 3S. I know Typhon 6S shocks are the go to, but the Talion ones are in stock at a breaker and the Typhon 6S ones aren't and much more expensive anyway due to demand I've checked for differences - the...
  19. Flying High Again!!!

    Flying High Again!!!

    Stay connected with us @ Bay Area RC Bashers
  20. A

    Mojave New Mojave EXB owner and some newbie questions

    Hi Everyone - just got a Mojave EXB and have some questions. Sorry, I'm new to large scale RC - so please go easy ;) 1) Since I have to add electronics I was looking at putting in the Hobbywing Max 6 with Hobbywing 4985/1650KV. a) How does this compare to the stock BLX ESC...