1. Smokey coyote

    Kraton Kraton 6s with the nitro mustang

    I love these two rc vehicles
  2. Notorious starting with a wheely

    Notorious starting with a wheely

    Background is the Hallstättersee
  3. J

    The ARAC8200 doesn’t have screw threads and normal servo screws won’t mount ?? Tf do i do

    I had to replace the receiver box for my ARRMA Senton 550 because the screw holes got shaved and the servo mount screws kept falling off. ONLY TO FIND OUT THE ARAC8200 doesn't EVEN HAVE THREADS AND NORMAL SERVO SCREWS ARENT BIG ENOUGH TO CREATE THREADS. PLZ HELP
  4. Jevge

    Kraton Kraton aka "Kraken" 6S EXB

    I have wanted a Kraton since I saw them first and I managed to get a roller with a pretty nice discount. Here it is bone stock, just unboxed: I first went with a Castle MMX + 1515 combo, with a 17T pinion, but the ESC died on the maiden run...o_O:mad: (It's at castle now... but I'm really...
  5. Exc3l

    For Sale or trade 6s and 3s parts for a Max6

    I have a lot to offer. I have 2 front and rear 6s diffs, Front and rear Mojave arms with CVD's and turnbuckles, 2x 2050kv motors, 1 Firma 150, and 1 Blx185. Honestly, I have a load of 3s parts including tires, arms with turnbuckles, upgraded CVD, 17mm hexes, 17mm nuts, motor mounts, 2 extra...
  6. G


    Hey guys I’m having a issue with my big rock, when I try to drive it makes kinda a high pitch sound like it’s just the motor spinning. It’s not the spur gear, it’s not striped and the mesh seems fine. The pinion gear is fine also. To me the diffs seem fine. I have a video on it and please watch...
  7. Draven

    For Sale Granite 4x4 1/10 3s 5000mah Lipo, Hobbywing MAX10 SCT Brushless setup, Pro-Line Shocks, 3s battery, extra body

    $280 cash local pickup in Lewisville Texas. Driven about 3 times. Never in water. Much better power system and upgrades than the stock granite brushless. I'm NOT including the receiver, transmitter, and Lipo charger. -Hobbywing EZRun MAX10 SCT Sensorless Brushless ESC/3660SL Motor Combo...
  8. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Typhon Mega v3 throttle/steering issues (newbie)

    Hello All, I just recently bought my 2 sons each a Typhon Mega v3 ($205 from Amazon during XMAX time). I will eventually get into upgrading some stuff (and will no doubt have question to post on here), but right now we're having an issue and I was hoping that some of you on here might be able...
  9. Infidel67

    Kraton The Official Arrma Forum FanBoy Kraton 6S Build Thread

    Hey Guys :) Even though I'm still wrenching on the Typhon This will be a Kraton Arrma Forum Build, I will get a Body made with all Arrma Logos Design on it (If Permitted) from @WildOwlWoodWorks.He just don't know it yet, :D but I would let him design it all the way. I will post the the list of...
  10. Arrma Kraton

    Arrma Kraton

    Src slicks looks mean
  11. Smokey coyote

    Kraton Wide slicks on kraton

    Kraton on src slicks
  12. G

    Big Rock Arrma big rock

    Hey guys I want to know if I should upgrade me spur gear to a meal one and if I should upgrade any other gears to metal? I’m planning to launch my big rock V3. Thanks
  13. Oh How Original

    Kraton Christmas Kraton bashing :D

    A little Christmas upload for you to enjoy hope everyones having a good day.
  14. bashtillbroken

    Kraton Suggestions to make my K6S indestructible?

    Do you guys have any suggestions on these parts for my k6s to make it indestructible am I missing parts? Are not all of them compatible? You tell me.
  15. bashtillbroken

    What are you hoping to see from Arrma

    What cars would you prefer out of these? if any of these ideas get popular enough arrma might be watching;)
  16. ARRMA Kraton 8S - First Snow Bash!

    ARRMA Kraton 8S - First Snow Bash!

  17. Maxxamillion

    Mojave My Mojave - Track Existence

    Hey all, Just sharing my new Mojave ownership as of November '21. I normally drive 1/10 scale crawlers, but have raced 1/10 & 1/8 nitros years ago. This is my first go fast rc in a long time. Nothing ground breaking with my RTR Mojave. Just a track adjusted truck vs a top speed r/c. ...Looking...
  18. Oh How Original

    Kraton Favourite shots from a recent bash.

    Wasn't sure if this is the right section but couldn't find a gallery section so here they are, just a few snaps from a recent bash in the quarry, enjoying the sunset.
  19. Wisconsin John


    ARRMA-CUSTOM TYPHON SCORPION (8S-ELECTRONICS) - NEW Specifications: Drivetrain: 4WD (5mm) Shaft Drive FANS: TWIN 40MM TORNADO FANS SET ON MOTOR Final Drive Ratio: .85:1 Ratio with 34 tooth pinion and 29 tooth spur gear) Max Battery Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.8 x 1.5 in. (139 x 46 x 39mm) Motor Size...
  20. Kraton and my wife's talion

    Kraton and my wife's talion