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  1. Typhon 3s Barrel Rolls and T-Bones a Tree!!

    Typhon 3s Barrel Rolls and T-Bones a Tree!!

    Wow, what an awesome time I had tonight running the Typhon 3s. Like and Subscribe
  2. Primarrma

    Kraton Another BMX/Skate Park Video, this time running my Kraton

    Here is another quick video at my local park, running my Kraton on 6s. The Talion is in it for a few seconds right at the end. I hope these are getting better, please let me know where I can improve? PS I need a new GoPro this one is a little blurry now days.
  3. Primarrma

    Talion First ever run "Bash" video with the new V3 Talion 6s

    A video of my first bash with my new Arrma Talion 6s BLX V3, it may be a little boring for some, there are some ok sequences at the skate park in the middle. 4s is a good starting point, though I struggled to bring the nose up when needed. I found 6s a handful on this small BMX track, but I'll...
  4. Primarrma

    Talion V3 Talion Pre-Bash Photo's

    I finally got to give me new V3 Talion a run today, but I thought I would do a photoshoot with it prior to Bashing it I hope you enjoy. I will post a video later of the drive, but for now here are some low res images I took. These are pretty much unedited shots straight from the camera, I'm sure...
  5. Primarrma

    Talion Incoming!!! Talion in the Fleet

    The Talion arrived today, a few days earlier than expected, can't wait to give it a run. I'll be driving my Kraton till my bumper arrives, but the Talion looks so beautiful, it's a very exciting car.
  6. Primarrma

    A local bash spot tour, with my Kraton on 6s

    Here is a virtually unedited video of my local bash spot. I wanted to give the feeling of being there, so I left it unedited, hope it works. Warning it may be a bit boring for some, haha.
  7. Primarrma

    Kraton Kraton Farm Bash Video

    Visited my mates farm last weekend, I brought the Kraton for some bashing. I broke the shock rod end on the way down at a skate park, managed to repair it with cable ties and this is some of the action that I caught on my old go pro, the video is edited on my phone as well so sorry it's not...


    Out for round two with the Arrma Notorious 6s and the Typhon 3s. Pushing the Typhon to limits although the arm breaks were modified parts. Still waiting on s...
  9. talion backy

    talion backy