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  1. RC DUDE81

    Talion The Underrated basher!

    The Talion Stallion is such an underrated basher! This truck and it so ingeniously engineered and balanced it's crazy! :love:For those who haven't seen, Here is my latest vid pounding the Kraton and going for some full launches with the Talion!:cool:🤟
  2. IMG_2453.JPG


    God Bless America / 2018 ARRMA 1/8 BLX 6s KRATON scored a 2018 model!
  3. Typhon....... The other way😁

    Typhon....... The other way😁

    Different wheel configuration.....
  4. Notorious BIG 😀😀

    Notorious BIG 😀😀

    You all know, the Notorious is not a smal truck 🚚...... So I call mine notorious BIG 😀
  5. Upgrading my plastic stock Granite BLX shocks to Aluminum Ones!

    Upgrading my plastic stock Granite BLX shocks to Aluminum Ones!

    Got in for my #Granite BLX 4X4 Trucks my new shocks that I am upgrading to! Here are a set of rear #Typhon 6s BLX shocks and I will have the front ones coming in tomorrow.
  6. WoodiE

    ArrmaForum Fan Member 2019 - Arrma Infraction and SMC LiPo batteries!

    ArrmaForum Fan Membership - IT'S ALL OVER! WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED HERE - @Just a Basher won second place and @Glock21user won the GRAND PRIZE!!! Good news... the ArrmaForum Fan fundraiser is back! Those of you that haven't seen this in the past, members have asked that I offer something...
  7. davetron22

    Granite Mega 4x4 aluminum parts

    How do I figure out or cross reference aluminum parts for my granite mega 4x4. Im running brushless on 2s and do tons of jumps and am breaking things left and right. I want to start converting to aluminum because I plan to run 3s and want to be able to hopefully play without having to fix...
  8. Primarrma

    Kraton Track Kraton Build for Racing

    Hey guys I've been a little quiet lately due to work commitments, but I've had a chance to do some work this weekend on a little project. I thought I'd try and build a Kraton purely setup for the track I drive at for fun with my Dad and some friends. This might not look special and it isn't...
  9. Typhon New Ramp setup thumb.jpg

    Typhon New Ramp setup thumb.jpg

    A Typhon Launch
  10. Primarrma

    Kraton Kraton V3 6s "Field Goal" Part 01 Kraton scores a goal, big air, long jumps, lawn darts, loads of fun!

    Part one of a two part video series where I take my Kraton to football practice, no not really, but I still score some long goals, hope you enjoy! Please feel free to give me feedback and I'm sorry about my GoPro woes(anyone that knows what caused this please help me out, I would really...
  11. Arrma Talion with Kraton Tyres Hits the Beach

    Arrma Talion with Kraton Tyres Hits the Beach

    Apologies for the poor quality video, I had accidentally set my GoPro to 4:3 ratio so I had to crop everything. The V3 Kraton Tyres a so good on sand, they f...
  12. Arrma Kraton and Talion "Sand Drifters" RC Beach Bash!

    Arrma Kraton and Talion "Sand Drifters" RC Beach Bash!

    A couple of quick beach bash sessions, one in the morning only recorded on my phone, sorry. Then I went back in the evening to run the Talion with my this ti...
  13. Primarrma

    Talion Hard Bash, hard hits! Talion V3 6s Ramp Jumps

    I quick video of my Talion hitting the ramps, hope you enjoy!
  14. Primarrma

    Kraton Beach Bash, Why have I never done this before? It is so much fun!!!

    I've taken my V3 Kraton to the beach a couple of nights in a row now, what fun! Here is last nights attempt, the Big Air is in the second half. Please let me know where I can improve and thanks for watching!
  15. Primarrma

    V3 Talion Speed Test and General Bash

    Kraton running max 6 and hobbystar combo Talion is pretty stock here is a speed run
  16. Typhon 3s Barrel Rolls and T-Bones a Tree!!

    Typhon 3s Barrel Rolls and T-Bones a Tree!!

    Wow, what an awesome time I had tonight running the Typhon 3s. Like and Subscribe
  17. Primarrma

    Kraton Another BMX/Skate Park Video, this time running my Kraton

    Here is another quick video at my local park, running my Kraton on 6s. The Talion is in it for a few seconds right at the end. I hope these are getting better, please let me know where I can improve? PS I need a new GoPro this one is a little blurry now days.
  18. Primarrma

    Talion First ever run "Bash" video with the new V3 Talion 6s

    A video of my first bash with my new Arrma Talion 6s BLX V3, it may be a little boring for some, there are some ok sequences at the skate park in the middle. 4s is a good starting point, though I struggled to bring the nose up when needed. I found 6s a handful on this small BMX track, but I'll...
  19. Primarrma

    Talion V3 Talion Pre-Bash Photo's

    I finally got to give me new V3 Talion a run today, but I thought I would do a photoshoot with it prior to Bashing it I hope you enjoy. I will post a video later of the drive, but for now here are some low res images I took. These are pretty much unedited shots straight from the camera, I'm sure...