1. FLBasher w/ the new ARRMA v2 Infraction

    FLBasher w/ the new ARRMA v2 Infraction

    She is a complete animal #arrmahof #blxpower #arrmafansrule #flbasher
  2. Uplift-RC

    Infraction 2nd run with my Infraction, and its unbelievable 💪

    All is well with this beast of a machine 💪 💪 💪.. This rig gets down big time, for those who have never driven one before, 1 quick pull of the throttle and your sideways at about 50mph! I can't to put in a 20t Robinson Racing pinion and install 1 GAME CHANGER FAN so my temps will run a little bit...
  3. gary.rvp

    Mojave Aluminum diff case make a difference?

    I am thinking of changing The plastic diff box to aluminum like the foto make a difference and prevent to get dirt inside ? ( I send a photo how was my diff case only in 5 runs )
  4. gary.rvp

    Mojave Mojave SHOCK SPRINGS recommendation.

    My Mojave 6s I think is time to change shock sprigs because don’t have the same cushion. I am using 50k shock oil team Losi. Any Recommendations
  5. gary.rvp

    Kraton Back TURNBUCKLE Problem

    I having problem with my Kraton 8s turnbuckle the Camber Link Ball Cup strip and I change this in the foto is new one and have the same problem when I jump nothing crazy. Any suggestions to prevent this happen?


    @[13169:@jkflow] & I broke out some of our rigs to do a little bashing over the weekend!
  7. gary.rvp

    Kraton Good servo upgrade for the Kraton 8s ?

    I want my Kraton 8s have better steering any servo recommendations ?
  8. IMG_20200917_143429285.jpg


    Edough's RC Kraton 6s build, Red, White & Blue USA theme
  9. IMG_20200917_144304643.jpg


    Edough's RC Kraton 6s build, Red, White & Blue USA theme
  10. IMG_20200917_144523057.jpg


    Edough's RC Kraton 6s build, Red, White & Blue USA theme
  11. IMG_20200917_144658106.jpg


    Edough's RC Kraton 6s build, Red, White & Blue USA theme
  12. IMG_20200917_144730291.jpg


    Edough's RC Kraton 6s build, Red, White & Blue USA theme
  13. IMG_20200917_152415362.jpg


    Edough's RC Kraton 6s build, Red, White & Blue USA theme
  14. gary.rvp

    Kraton Shock Shaft recommendations?

    I bent my shock shaft in Kraton 8s I bent one in the front and one in the rear, I talk with m2c racing and they only have the front one and they tel me that is going to take like 2 weeks. Any recommendations outside m2c?
  15. L

    Senton 14mm to 17mm hex adapters for Arrma Senton 4x4 BLX 3s?

    I have an arrma senton 3s blx and I wanna put dboots hoons on it for street driving. I don’t want to change the axels or anything I just want to be able to make it a quick change. Nothing loose or that has a lot of play. Not looking to buy 12mm hexes either
  16. Uplift-RC

    Infraction ARRMA v2 Infraction Build Log

    Finally got my a speedster to add in my ARRMA ARMY! I have the - v3 6s Kraton / 6s Notorious / 3s Typhon that is totally beefed up with tonsof M2C racing parts and now I have the v2 Infraction! I just added my Right now, I am keeping it stock so I don't void out the warranty!! Feel free to...
  17. gary.rvp

    Mojave Body paint?

    I am new In paint body y put 2 Tamiya ps-56 metalic blue make 6 coat in yours experiences should I put another coat of blue paint or should I go with white to finish. I was also thinking after the white to put a black coat of paint, what do you recommend?
  18. Arrma Kraton 6s got the blues....

    Arrma Kraton 6s got the blues....

    After third short run noticed clicking sounds.... After pulling front diff cover the evidence was clear there was an issue considering the metal flakes insid...
  19. gary.rvp

    Kraton Lose gear ?

    I want to know if this normal tanks.