1. V1 limitless

    V1 limitless

  2. Arrma felony

    Arrma felony

  3. S

    Senton Senton vs SCT410.3

    I'm looking to get something a little bigger then a senton 3s but not as big as the arrma kraton. Someone has a used tekno sct 410.3 roller wondering how the size difference between it and a senton 3s or kraton 6s. Also wondering how well it would handle on short/longer grass compared to a...
  4. S

    Senton arrma 3s/4s link compatibility

    i have a 3s senton with rpm typhon a arms I'm looking to put typhon links on it but wondering the compatibility of the kraton/outcast 4s links they appear to be much longer just wondering if there is any way they would work with the typhon a arms as they are cheaper on Jenny's rc and much more...
  5. S

    Senton arrma senton to typhon

    I'm looking to put rpm arrma typhon a arms on my senton for better stability and am wondering what parts i would need to do that i already have the linkages from the typhon wondering if thats all i need or if i would need the typhon driveshafts and other parts.
  6. S

    Kraton arrma kraton v3 vs v5

    someone is selling a highly upgraded kraton v3 (motor esc chasis shock towers servo chassis brace hubs a arms etc) wondering if there are any big conserns with the v3 that he has not changed and wondering if they would be a big problem?
  7. S

    Senton arrma senton shcoks

    looking to put proline power stroke shocks on my senton but they would be coming from a slash 2wd, so would there be a big difference between the ones meant for the slash and the ones meant for the arrma and would they work on a arrma and fit on it with stock or rpm a arms?
  8. S

    Senton unknown rc body

    wondering what make and model this body is in the picture its on a slash 2wd and i want to put it on a arrma setnon i thought it was a proline fusion body but its a little different wondering if anybody knows what its is
  9. S

    Senton Arrma senton 3s tire/wheel recommendation

    Arrma senton 3s tire/wheel recommendation left rear just blew out wondering if i should stick with the dboot fortresses or go with proline badlands i mostly race it on grass. Also looking to put on typhon 3s linkage's and a-arms to improve stability wondering if i should put proline...
  10. Super wide typhon 6s

    Super wide typhon 6s

    Lot of work to do
  11. Tyhon 6s drag/speed run build

    Tyhon 6s drag/speed run build

    Almost ready
  12. WaZZu206

    SOLD / FOUND Any interest in Arrma 4x4 blx with tons of extras/upgrades. 1 year old

    Not actively looking to sell, but if there is a bunch of interest, I will post pics. Thanks!!
  13. D

    Typhon TLR Tuned Typhon

    Have a TLR Tuned Typhon with a Tekin RX8 gen 3 esc and 2250kv motor Reefs 422HDv2 servo. I just picked it up in may and probably ran it 5 times. What do you guys think it’s worth now?
  14. j'src

    Arrma granite v2 mega shock replacment

    Hi my shocks are bent on my granite and am wondering what the best shocks to replace the stock ones thank-you in advance.
  15. sogz

    Vorteks Arrma vorteks esc

    Hi, I have a arrma vorteks. The esc has a flashing red light. I have tried the following to resolve: rebinding the transmitter and receiver 4 Different batteries unplugging the servo is this a case of a fried esc? many thanks
  16. Felony 6s and SWB Felony VW Rat Rod tearing up the steets!

    Felony 6s and SWB Felony VW Rat Rod tearing up the steets!

  17. M

    Vorteks Vorteks pinion question???

    Hey guys. Just this new guy again.. To make myself 110% sure if I put the 20t pinion in my vorteks it will slow it down at top speed this correct? I meanly drive off road an was thinking if the 20t pinoin would give me a bit more control/traction when going full noise or is it just better to...
  18. M

    Vorteks Shock spaces.

    Hey guys, me again.. Done some research on this forum but couldn't really find the answer my looking for.. I'm wanting to know what the difference between the 3 spaces are? An how each one would effect off road driving? Cheers
  19. Photo_1642994179643.jpg


    Arrma limitless
  20. Felony in front of a lake in Austria

    Felony in front of a lake in Austria

    Including self made light kit