1. WaZZu206

    SOLD / FOUND Any interest in Arrma 4x4 blx with tons of extras/upgrades. 1 year old

    Not actively looking to sell, but if there is a bunch of interest, I will post pics. Thanks!!
  2. D

    Typhon TLR Tuned Typhon

    Have a TLR Tuned Typhon with a Tekin RX8 gen 3 esc and 2250kv motor Reefs 422HDv2 servo. I just picked it up in may and probably ran it 5 times. What do you guys think it’s worth now?
  3. j'src

    Arrma granite v2 mega shock replacment

    Hi my shocks are bent on my granite and am wondering what the best shocks to replace the stock ones thank-you in advance.
  4. sogz

    Vorteks Arrma vorteks esc

    Hi, I have a arrma vorteks. The esc has a flashing red light. I have tried the following to resolve: rebinding the transmitter and receiver 4 Different batteries unplugging the servo is this a case of a fried esc? many thanks
  5. Felony 6s and SWB Felony VW Rat Rod tearing up the steets!

    Felony 6s and SWB Felony VW Rat Rod tearing up the steets!

  6. M

    Vorteks Vorteks pinion question???

    Hey guys. Just this new guy again.. To make myself 110% sure if I put the 20t pinion in my vorteks it will slow it down at top speed this correct? I meanly drive off road an was thinking if the 20t pinoin would give me a bit more control/traction when going full noise or is it just better to...
  7. M

    Vorteks Shock spaces.

    Hey guys, me again.. Done some research on this forum but couldn't really find the answer my looking for.. I'm wanting to know what the difference between the 3 spaces are? An how each one would effect off road driving? Cheers
  8. Photo_1642994179643.jpg


    Arrma limitless
  9. Felony in front of a lake in Austria

    Felony in front of a lake in Austria

    Including self made light kit
  10. Arrma Kraton

    Arrma Kraton

    Src slicks looks mean
  11. Smokey coyote

    Kraton Wide slicks on kraton

    Kraton on src slicks
  12. There is a new Sheriff in Town 💪💪

    There is a new Sheriff in Town 💪💪

  13. ARRMA v2 Infraction ready to rip w/ Just Bash It 17mm Spikes

    ARRMA v2 Infraction ready to rip w/ Just Bash It 17mm Spikes

  14. MacX3

    Another problem, no forward throttle.

    Alright, so now my servo is working, it turns now, left and right after I redound it. Now I have another problem, it doesn't throttle forward, it does go into reverse. It was throttling forward before binding it. I did unplug the throttle plug and plugged it back in and still no forward...
  15. MacX3

    Servo problems.

    I have a spektrum servo in a 3s, its responsive, it has throttle. The problem is, it doesn't turn like how it suppose too. It slightly has some steering, it moves an inch or less in either direction. I can't figure out why it doesn't turn fully. Is it me that I missing and not seeing something...
  16. MacX3

    Which brand of tires?

    Proline, traxxas or duratrax tires/wheels? Which brand of tires is your go too, you prefer or doesn't matter at all as along they perform on the road or track? I heard proline it better, top notch, little pricey but worth it. What's your opinion?
  17. MacX3

    Which number pinion gear?

    Not sure if this is the right thread for this question for the pinion gear. The smaller the number on pinion gear the faster or is it the bigger the number the faster? I know it also depends the motor and spur gear too. ⚙ I just need to know which the number is the faster and slower. Thanks.
  18. Fresh Backflip LP for the 6s

    Fresh Backflip LP for the 6s

    Orange body is official for shelf purposes since I can’t seem to find another.
  19. MacX3

    Vorteks Wheel drive shaft

    Yeah this happened. How do I access to replace a new back wheel drive shaft? My thought is, I have to get in the diffs to remove the other part. I can't figure out how to get to it. I took it to the track last weekend and that pop out and the servo is dirty or block. I'll work on the servo...
  20. MacX3

    Granite Lubricant or silicone lubricant, to clean my rc?

    Lubricant or silicone lubricant? Which one to use to clean rc. I need to clean my rc, checking the bearings etc. I heard this and that about simple green and WD40. I'm cleaning it by hand, with brush, rag and a compress air can.