1. [Associated Wheel Hex RC8T] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Associated Wheel Hex RC8T] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Hex extension for clearance to mount 2.8 wheels and better handling.
  2. Rcnerd

    Talion 2018 Kraton vs Talion video

    Hi all- first attempt at a video taken by drone of my 2018 Kraton and my brother in laws Talion bashing in our backyard. Thanks for watching and would love to see your best videos or just cool videos you have found of the Kraton & Talion together.
  3. 83N

    Kraton AE RC8B3e buggy shocks on a Kraton?

    If the Kraton is based on a buggy, would other 1/8 buggy shocks fit on my Kraton? Reason I ask is that I'm still waiting for my Kraton to arrive and I have a spare set of AE RC8B3e shocks sat on my bench...