1. IainB

    Vorteks Bearings pulled apart by twine

    I was running my Vorteks in a field near my house and a bunch of twine that's in the dirt got sucked up around my hubs and got sucked into my bearings. The shields got pulled off on the fronts but on the rears the shield and seals got shot. The seals were actually broken. Crazy... Are these...
  2. kage

    Granite Anyone know how to remove rear axle from hub?

    Howdy, I'm trying to replace the axles to the integy units and I can't seem to get these axels out of the hubs. I've tried to press them, pry them, I've iced them and heated them.... If they didnt have separate part numbers in the exploded diagram I would say they're one piece lol.
  3. Where we're going Marty, we don't need any roads..

    Where we're going Marty, we don't need any roads..

    Wait, that's not a flying Delorean.. I think I broke it.
  4. olds97_lss

    Talion Center axle alternative? Accociated ASC89577.

    My bashing buddy has a Talion V2. He has been pretzeling his front center bone. I'm having a hard time finding him a replacement online other than ebay that sells all cvd's/bones in a package or places that have the price jacked up. I found an associated 136mm dogbone and was curious if anyone...
  5. JvG

    Bearings mayhem

    Hi all, i need some help. I have a Kraton V2 and a Typhon V2 on 6S. Both are the best RC's i have owned. Fast, very tough and easy to maintain. The only thing that is really starting to anoy me are the rear hub inner bearings. After 2 to 3 packs i have to replace them otherwise they get stuck...
  6. StefanRC

    Typhon Typhon CVD Axle issue

    Hey there! I'm having issues removing the pin that saves the wheel hex onto the CVD axle (AR310451). I removed the M5x5mm screw, but I am not able to remove the pin. Its completely stuck. Does anyone have an idea how to get this done? Thanks in advance, Stefan
  7. WildP1

    Arrma Fazon broken axle prblem

    Hi I drove my brand new fazon yesterday in the snow and the rear right axle snapped. I don't know if it's a good idea do go and drive it in probably the first and last snow here but it will only be 3wd. I can turn diff locks on and still drive but I'm not shure if it will brake something in the...
  8. ConanDan

    Kraton Shimming the Diffs?

    Hey everyone, I keep reading about "shimming your diffs" I'm not familiar with how to shim your diffs or what it includes. I have found some videos online, but it is unclear as to what you are shimming and where you put the shims. Do the shims go behind the gears inside the diff? See first pic...
  9. ajdragon

    New reason to upgrade axles and out drives

    Hi While comparing my new CVD to the stock axles and dog bones, I noticed something strange about the axles and out drives. It would seem that the Arrma axles and out drives have a funnel shaped hole to them "Top Image" , where as most other RC company's use cylinder shaped holes "Bottom...