1. Bmiller1510bandk

    Talion Talion Tires keeps ripping

    Hello, I have been experiencing consistent blow outs lately. The original d boots blew out the side walls... 3 in one day. I replaced all 4 with Pro-line pre mounted Badlands. On my 2nd or 3rd run, I lost half of the outer glue seal on one of them. I have noticed the front tires seem to...
  2. mansour545

    Ballooning easy fix for Badlands and trenchers tires

    Hi guys It have been long since my last post and I have upgraded my Fazon a lot Traxxas lock pins for all 4 CVDs and 2 Diff drives TRA5145 Hot racing CVDs NRO288V02 in front Hot racing CVDs NRO200E02 in the back Aluminum rockers NRO27M01 X 2 sets for all wheels Leopard motor LBP4082/2Y 1600kv...
  3. Unusual RC

    vacuum cleaning tires - how to get the dirt out?

    After a year of use without any problem, we did some bashing with my Mojave. Normally we only race, where RPM and speed are lower in order to make the vehicles go as fast as possible over the track. I use Medial-Pro tires, which really do well on loose dirt. Suddenly my battery was empty a lot...