1. ThatGuyRC

    Senton Senton Driftss!

    Did some cool slides around the pool tarp, got some shots in. Reel is up on instagram, it flopped but i think it might be my best yet 😂 let me know
  2. ThatGuyRC

    Senton Snow Bash Question

    Planning on doing my first snow bash with the Senton, is there any prep or anything I should do electronic wise to protect them? 🤙 Happy Bashing
  3. ThatGuyRC

    Senton My Senton Build

    This probably wont be anything too crazy. I will just be replacing parts that break with either stock or upgraded parts. This thread is kind of a timeline for myself, but I am open to questions and suggestions! I am fairly new to the hobby and still have much to learn. I will mostly be uploading...
  4. 20240207_161007.jpg


    Just getting out after the snow melted and the roads are finally dry. Has some fun ripping 4s wheelies down the road in front of the house after a long day's work.Then did some crawling on the landscaping in the area...LoL
  5. ThatGuyRC

    Senton Uhh so this happened on my speedrun tonight.

    So tonight after work I decided to take my new Senton out for a little tuning & fun. I just put a new 35kg High Torque Servo on Just a few hours ago and wanted to get everything tuned right and going straight. I gave it the juice a couple times & everything seemed good! Not sure if it was me or...
  6. Frumba57

    Outcast Bashing O4S v2 box stock

    I thought box stock was no fun until my buddy pulled his K6S straight out the box and shredded the park. So I figured I try bone stock O4S and see how long I can resist the need to tinker. I gave it a good run today. I must report I’m happy with this RC…for now. Lol
  7. bigbristv

    Senton Arrma Senton 4x4 BASH SESH!

    Thanks to a submission here re where to bash in NYC I found this place and had a ball. Thanks all!
  8. Frumba57

    Kraton The need for speed

    I recently talked my buddy into buying a K6S, it wasn’t hard. His BLX and my EXB. My roller has the O8S power train, 1250kv and 160A ESC. A little taller gears and the EXB is faster and runs cooler than the 2050kv RTR. But during our BASH session I blew two tires and stripped the diffs...
  9. F

    Im new! Looking for tuning advice on my FS Racing DR8 V2 Desert Racer from basherqueen

    I’m brand new to the hobby. I had some cheap stuff back in the day but that was at least 20 years ago. I’m in my mid 30s and the goal was to get a hobby that I could enjoy for a long time, with my whole family, my dad, brothers, kids etc. and so far it’s been great for that, my wife seems to...
  10. mcortez6130

    California Looking for local SoCal bash spots

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here in the local area know of some good bash spots in the socal area. I’m located in Corona and have a park not to far from that has a few dirt jumps. The jumps are on the back side of promenade park in corona so make sure you park in the parks lot not...
  11. M

    Michigan Local bash spots michigan

    Hello everyone I just recently got into rc last summer and with this summer coming up I've been trying to find other spots to go my local skatepark is almost always full of skaters and I don't have very much room. I'm located in Livingston County which is pretty much in the middle of between...
  12. Jiggs H

    Texas Saturday Morning Bashing at Samano's Hobbies, Kemah, TX

    Just FYI for anyone in the area - I'll be bashing my Granite BOOST 4x2 (Jiggs' Rig) at Samano's in Kemah around 7:30am/8am Saturday morning. They have a track on site that will be open even though the shop doesn't open until 11am. I've got two lipos to burn through so once I'm there I'll be...
  13. Jiggs H

    Texas Anyone From Southeast Houston?

    Howdy folks - Just wanted to see if anyone bashes around Southeast Houston. A few spots I've tried out below: Rex L Meador Park (Skate Park) in Seabrook TX - Big field next to the skate park, a very fun spot to bash Open field on the North side of Beamer between El Dorado and Bay Area Blvd -...
  14. Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrma Kratons and a Big Rock in Bashing Paradise in Southern Finland (October 2022). This is my favorite place for bashing with my Arrmas. The place is big, rough and awesome!
  15. Bash Bros TV Episode#1

    Bash Bros TV Episode#1

    Arrma outcast and kraton 6s Bashing hard!! #arrma #bashing #outcast #kraton #rctruck #kraton6s #outcast6s #BashBros!!
  16. ARRMA Notorious - Four Season's Bash

    ARRMA Notorious - Four Season's Bash

  17. arrma kraton 6s bashing.

    arrma kraton 6s bashing.

    Rod k getting some air with his kraton
  18. Arrma Outcast bashing

    Arrma Outcast bashing

    Just out for a rip at the local dirt track.
  19. Notorious - Such a Blast!

    Notorious - Such a Blast!

    It will never be superfluous to share the joy of a Notorious, because he gives it to everyone around him... Have fun!
  20. Lride Chart

    Fireteam Arrma Fireteam first rip and thoughts. What upgrades is everyone doing?

    Yo RC addicts just got the Arrma fireteam and got my first bash in with it and broke a few things. And already considering some power upgrades. What’s everyone else running. Also this Traxxas Sledge is interesting if anyone has any thoughts on that. My first rip video of the fireteam.