battery connector

  1. TraverseCity420

    What connector do I need for Venom Pro charger?

    Looking at getting the Venom Pro charger, do I just need a few 4mm to Trx plug connectors to charge up my HRBS and such with trx plugs? I have traxxas brand chargers for my traxxas brand poop batteries which the balance leads in the plug keep coming out so i'll keep those on the traxxas...
  2. Mboss

    Cutting Ec5 connectors voids warranty?

    Just bought Typhon 3s....will replacing ec5 connectors on esc with xt90 connectors void the 2 year warranty? Hoping not, but warranty states you cannot modify vehicle. Thoughts?
  3. S

    My Tutorial on changing your LiPo connector to an EC5

    This is the easiest and cleanest way to solder an EC5 on your LiPo battery.