battery connector

  1. FastMann40

    Battery connector

    Good evening, I hope everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving. Today I was ripping my Senton 3s and everything was running smoothly, up until it wasn't. It stalled out and I had no power or anything. Restarting the Senton didn't fix anything. I brought it back to my workbench and the Dean's...
  2. Evil Jim

    Changing ESC connector - Outcast 4S v2

    Good day, all - As stated, I'm looking to change the connector on my Outcast/Spektrum to my preferred setup, but was looking to confirm some aspects beforehand. I have no concern for any of the Spektrum "smart" functions...mostly because I'm not going to pay for their proprietary...
  3. Heinz

    Cables above ESC fan

    Hi everyone Is it normal for the battery ESC cable to be positioned over the fan? (see photos). I'm finding that the heat shrink is being battered when bashing. I can't seem to be able to position the cable any other way other than over the fan in order for the shell to fit.
  4. aim4min

    Am I insane for attempting this modular ESC/BEC/CapPack harness?

    I have a new Max6 on order with a 4895 1640kv motor for my aging Kraton 6S v4, but with a lot of heavy M2C upgrades. I'm adding even more goodness to my beast. Anyways, am I crazy for trying this: I want to do some experiments and have maximum flexibility - so i want to create a custom wiring...
  5. Deiglie

    XT90 vs QS8-s

    I know nothing about this. Will I get anything out of switching from xt90 to qs8-s connectors? I'm running Max6 1650kv combo, 6s battery 5000mah 100C.. Thanks
  6. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Should i switch to xt90 connectors?

    I have a kraton 4s with traxxas connectors i know what your going to say arrma vehicle with traxxas conectors XD. I had a traxxas car before and i had all my batteries with the traxxas plug. I was wondering if i change to xt90 will i increase performance and battery life?
  7. A

    Are Spektrum IC5 the same as EC5 Battery connectors

    Hi all I’m very New too the hobby and just purchased a V4 Talion and 4S Kraton ofcourse with IC5 connectors and was wondering are EC5 the same as I want too buy some Adapters too XT90 until my Soldering skills improve. Regards john
  8. S

    Granite Melted T-Plug

    So I've had the granite mega for over a year now, love the thing when it runs but have just had so many problems, though I'm sure putting brushless in didn't help. Finally got the blx drivetrain in and it's a new truck! Haven't melted a spur gear or snapped an input shaft and it feels so gooood...
  9. TraverseCity420

    What connector do I need for Venom Pro charger?

    Looking at getting the Venom Pro charger, do I just need a few 4mm to Trx plug connectors to charge up my HRBS and such with trx plugs? I have traxxas brand chargers for my traxxas brand poop batteries which the balance leads in the plug keep coming out so i'll keep those on the traxxas...
  10. Mboss

    Cutting Ec5 connectors voids warranty?

    Just bought Typhon 3s....will replacing ec5 connectors on esc with xt90 connectors void the 2 year warranty? Hoping not, but warranty states you cannot modify vehicle. Thoughts?
  11. S

    My Tutorial on changing your LiPo connector to an EC5

    This is the easiest and cleanest way to solder an EC5 on your LiPo battery.