battery tray

  1. Jerold

    Limitless Battery location - Should I be concerned?

    After flipping my ESC orientation and making more 8AWG/8MM extension cables for the motor I found out that the motor wires are too high with the center mount ESC. Note the bullets for the motor wires are towards the back of the car. They poke straight up and high the body. So that was a wast...
  2. E

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 3s battery tray

    I recently purchased my first arrma model and already have several lipos most of which are slightly too large to fit in the batter tray (I have 4 of the same model it is around 6 1/4 inches long) and was wondering if anybody knew how to extend the battery tray
  3. Wildvoodoomagic

    Kraton Kraton V3 Battery Tray Extension?

    I just bought an SMC 4s 9400mah battery and I realized I didnt pay attention on the size of the battery and its gonna be way too big. Is theyre any way I can legnthen the current battery tray? Any aftermarket or DIY suggestions? Thanks!
  4. A

    Notorious Battery Tray

    I grabbed a notorious . I've been practicing my jumps with it. Launched it about 25 feet up did a few back flips. Landed rather hard . The battery tray ripped right off the chassis and since it's connected to the receiver box it broke the bracket that the receiver box mounts on. Also when the...
  5. MidroTea

    Kraton Are these 3S Lipos going in the Kraton v4?

    Hello, i would like to buy 2 of these ( ) and drive with 6S. They go in the Battery Tray but only without the cover. Are someone of you build your own cover or fix the Batterys...
  6. xSUBtRONiKx

    Kraton Battery tray and servo mount question...

    Hi everyone, Ive been bashing the Kraton hard for over a year now and its time to strip it all the way down for a thorough cleaning and much needed maintenance. That being said, this monster truggy has far surpassed all my expectations in terms of performance, durability, and fun. I have...
  7. R

    Kraton Hot racing battery tray

    Was just looking on the ebay for some hot racing sway bar holddowns and came across this Hot Racing aluminum brace battery mount - Anyone out there using it.
  8. L3 RC

    Kraton Battery/Spur Gear guard

    The exposed spur gear right next to the battery was bothering the heck out of me so I went scrounging around the parts bin... What I came up with was a nerf bar from a slash. I had to trim about an 1/8" off the upper lip of it and cut off a small tab that hooks around the slash chassis. Other...
  9. B

    Outcast Will Arrma Outcast battery tray fit Kraton v2?

    Hey guys, first post here. I recently picked up a Kraton V2 used and am running SMC 5200mah 3s packs for 6s. They don't fit well with the stock straps and there isn't a strap front/rear to hold 2 packs in tight. Tonight I picked up my brand new Outcast and when I got home I found the battery...
  10. Rc doc

    Outcast Outcast Battery Box cut out for bigger Lipo´s

    so if you don´t want to buy other Battery Tray´s for your Outcast - Cut out the Plastic Parts after that you have up to 6 cm place for you Lipo´s DSC01564 by Rc doc posted Jan 6, 2017 at 1:36 PM the original upper holder will still be in there or without the upper...
  11. ParkRacing

    Kraton Better battery straps?

    One of mine is tearing, but don't want stock. What straps are you guys running? I was looking at the ones from puretech but I'm not sure what size to get?
  12. NITROMAN2000

    Outcast Outcast battery box design issue -please read

    Guys, As some are aware I modified my Typhon recently and added the outcast battery box. As I was assembling the box I noticed (2) screws actually went into the battery area. The part number for the screws are AR722305 There are (2) 5mm screws near the end that go on a brace that connect to...
  13. D

    Senton Senton V2 with 6S 3000 battery (or x2)?

    Can you guys help in case the Senton V2 might work with the following battery setup: I have plenty of these for my Trex 600 helicopter and would plan to buy a car that runs with them. Hopefully the Senton V2... So my questions...
  14. ParkRacing

    Outcast Outcast battery tray

    Will the outcast battery tray bolt right into the kraton?:cool:
  15. ConanDan

    Kraton Heavy bashing lipo battery case

    I am interested in making a homemade bashing case for my Lipo batteries. As we all know, these batteries are not cheap! I used a second battery tray (the battery tray that the battery sits in as stock) that covers the top but it does not provide enough protection for heavy bashing. See Pic...
  16. AT06

    Kraton Battery tray

    Quick question. To remove the spacers do you need to remove the battery tray? Do they pop off, or are they screwed in from the underside? Thanks!
  17. Beaker

    Typhon Typhon battery size

    Hi guys, I've just ordered my new Typhon v2 from Tower. Super pumped for a drive when it finally gets here, so I'm trying to be organised and order some batteries in advance. This being an upgrade for me from my current mini e-revo, I'm painfully aware of how imporrant it is to get a decent...
  18. Ryan777

    Battery tray protection.

    Howdy partners. I poped a cell in my 4s lipo because the battery slid after jumping. I recently purchased two 3s batteries from maxamps and didnt want anything to happen to these precious things. So I got a Maxamps battery tray insert, and decided to add some plexiglass walls. Now the batteries...