1. J

    Senton Noob got 15 minutes out of SENTON 4X4 V3 MEGA 550

    Is this to be expected? (It’s fully stock) I’m an absolute noob, and drove it pretty hard for 15ish (super fun) minutes before it conked out. I’ve power cycled it a few times and let it cool for 15 minutes, but it still only goes about ten feet before conking out again. Is that about how...
  2. Warby

    Limitless Battery options for Limitless V2 short battery trays?

    What other 4s high output batteries fit the Limitless v2 short battery trays? For speed runs. 8s. I already have 2x CNHL 120c 8000mah hardcase. Want to know my options but I can't find many. I know I can delete the battery trays or get a GT chassis to fit others but I'm not ready to do that yet.
  3. WoodiE

    What is your RC LiPo of choice in 2024

    So I missed all of 2023, as I never put up a new thread and the 2022 ran all last year too - that's on me. This is the 2024 version of the "What is your RC LiPo battery of choice"! Since RC LiPo companies come and go and RC LiPo batteries technologies are constantly changing and improving. We...
  4. Deceased

    Zeee 3s battery balance port

    Hello everyone I need yalls help I have a pair of 3s lipo after a couple of uses and charges later. One of my lipo battery balance port doesn't seem to work anymore what should I do next? I have tried the other lipo battery the zeee one and it seems fine my charger picks up the balancer and...
  5. Q

    Felony What batteries are yall running?

    New to hobby and never ran my truck, hobby lobby told me not to get two 6s batteries and run them in parallel because it would overheat and kills my esc from the long run time, is that right? I don’t want just one 6s for balance reasons and assumed I could just go two 6s 5000mh and run it...
  6. Jamr

    SOLD / FOUND Battery Charging Box

    Dewalt TStak carry box modified with a fused electrical switch and charger cable. Charge your batteries with one box. Perfect for drivers on the go or at the track for the day. With two handles, it is easy to carry. Handles fold flat when not in use. With metal clamps this box is sturdy and...
  7. tigertodd

    HTRC C240 Charger Explained

    Hello all, I was hoping to start a thread for newbies, like myself about this charger. It’s functions, user settings, what’s optimal, do’s and don’ts, etc. Or maybe this had been done but I cannot find it for the life of me. Every video out there is a review and shows the settings with zero...
  8. triplebeastalpha

    I’m assuming this battery is finished?

    I feel like an idiot, trying to repair a superficially damaged hardcase battery and managed to slice the outer casing to one of the cells. I think the initial damage was done from driving it at the beach, never doing that again for so many reasons🙄, sand got inside the lipo hardcase and did a...
  9. AndiW

    LIPO voltage difference between two batteries

    Hi, after driving with the Outcast 8S EXB the two 4s packs always have about 0.1V difference per cell. One battery 3.5, the other 3.6 for example. The batteries are brand new 4s 6700mah, that i've just used maybe 5 times yet. Is this normal or is something wrong with the lipos? thanks in advance
  10. bukshypro

    Vorteks Your ultimate 1hour BATTERY LIFE hack!

    Hey people! I feel everytime I have time to come here and post I have to express how much I miss being here and that breaks my heart a bit :) but it is what it is, let's hope the Turbo RC business takes onto levels where I can give up my main job and just live for the hobby. Enough of soft...
  11. S

    Granite Is this run time for real?

    I just bought my son a Granite and am running it straight out if the box, stock everything, the run time is a joke. I used to run mostly nitro so maybe I expect too much. We just went the park and with 2 batteries were back in 20-25 minutes. Not worth the effort of going out in the cold. Am I...
  12. Nkarr

    6s bronco lights.

    So my wife got me some led lights from proline. I'd like to wire the lights to a auxiliary battery mounted to the underside of my recently post bronco body. I talked to my lhs guy, whom I have a good relationship with, he mentioned small battery system used for the helicopters. Can anyone point...
  13. idriveRC

    my spectrum battery cells are messed up

    I’m wondering if there’s any solutions to fix both batteries, i’ve tried slow charging them but once i run them cell 3 on both batteries are below cells 1 and 2. i left both batteries fully charged or storage voltage (i can’t remember) after slow charging them a few times and this is a few days...
  14. Hector_Fisher

    Which should i get? SMC vs CNHL vs Zeee

    Looking for a sanity check/opinions on this. I need a new set of 3s packs to run in my Kraton exb and other assorted 3s trucks. One of my SMC extreme graphene V2s has one cell that is triple the IR of the other (28, 8, 8.5). The other battery is fine. Last run i did on my kraton the one SMC pack...
  15. WoodiE

    What is your RC LiPo of choice in 2022

    This is the 2022 version of the "What is your RC LiPo battery of choice"... yeah it's March and I'm a little late, but it's better than never. ;) :D Since RC LiPo companies come and go and RC LiPo batteries technologies are constantly changing and improving. We are doing an annual thread and...
  16. GregsaurusRex

    Kraton How many batteries are enough?

    How many batteries are enough? I know it's kinda subjective, but how many batteries would you buy for each RC Truck you have?
  17. LitNyte

    Typhon Having issue with battery charging...

    The issue I'm having is I plug the charger into the wall, without the battery even being connected, and the charger will blink "green, red, green, red" and will completely not show an led at all anymore. My son hasn't been able to play with his car in sometime because I can't get the battery to...
  18. tobmaster

    Notorious 4s battery vs. 6s for general tooling around

    Still new here, and new to the Arrma world and this forum. I did search quite a bit before asking this, but nothing I found seemed to answer. As posted in introductions, my son purchased a Notorious last summer. Soon after we rebuilt it due to an unfortunate mailbox incident, I decided to...
  19. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Battery and Charger Advice/Questions

    Hello All, I have a 3 Typhon Mega V3s that I'm slowly upgrading (me and my sons just got these for xmas). I purchased a couple of 2s, 5200mAh, 50C LiPos to use with the stock setup to have more batteries/more power & Capacity. I have a few questions/concerns about LiPos and wanted to get your...