1. Hamlichr

    Battery confusion Outcast 8S

    Hey guys, I’ve just got an outcast 8s and I’m confused about the batteries. can anyone tell me what configuration of batteries are suitable/ is it capable of? Is the system capable of dual 8s? Or two 4s batteries is the Max? Between the website specs, the manual and some other official...
  2. gillryan53

    Senton Need a bit of advice

    Hello, I am just recently getting into RC and I will soon be buying a ARRMA 1/10 SENTON 4X4 V3 3S BLX, and I need some help finding what battery and charger to get. If anybody could please tell me, my ears are open, I have a budget of about $120 for a battery and charger. Thank you!
  3. M

    Granite battery for granite 4x4 blx

    hey there, i'm new to the hobby and i'm about to buy a Granite 4x4 blx, so i'm looking for a 3s lipo, i read the lipo thread and saw some brand named to be good. but i've got a Question about the whole lipo thing. i know that current output of the batteries would be C-rating*capacity(assuming...
  4. K

    Granite batteries failing. new car. HELP!!

    My son got an 1/10 GRANITE 4X4 V3 MEGA 550 Brushed Monster Truck. It came with the Nimh battery and charger and after maybe 2 runs with it the battery stopped charging. It took hours to charge anyways so I decided to go ahead and upgrade to the Li-Po battery 2s with the Powerstage Bundle. I...
  5. Prisma

    Battery connector question

    Hello everyone, I was wondering about the connectors on some of the batteries I'd like to get. The question is; if a battery comes with pre supplied 4mm bullet to deans cables, can I just get similar cables with ec3s on the ends? Or will it cause trouble. Thanks for any advice in advance
  6. R

    Just picked up a Kraton 8S, need battery recommendations!

    Hi fellas! So with the help of this forum, I made my decision between the Losi DBXL-E 2.0 and the Kraton 8S. My main deciding factors were the input from all of you and also the countless videos of watching DBXL's rolling/flipping over when at speed. Now, I still haven't ruled out...
  7. E

    Granite Arrma Granite ESC blinking red

    I just got an Arrma Granite and on the first run the car suddenly stopped and i noticed the ESC was blinking red. I had been using it for about 15 mins and assumed the battery just died. This is my first Arrma and on my Traxxas cars they don't suddenly stop when the battery dies since they are...
  8. davetron22

    Battery Quality, Best Choice

    All my lipo batteries, both 2s and 3s, are venom batteries. I'm wondering if that's a good choice? They work great and have been durable but I'm wondering if I'm paying for the name so to speak? I jump my vehicles constantly and run them hard. Also does the c rating really matter? My 100c...
  9. Tw3ak3d

    Portable charging solution

    Out of boredom today I decided to make a portable lipo charger, you know, in the event your RC doesn't break down before you run all your lipo's. I have an abundance of Milwaukee m18 18v batteries, and I 3d printed a power adapter (or buy one off of Amazon for $15). Works quite well, I can...
  10. Ozeki

    How many packs do you run a day?

    Lately if I have the time, I go through three packs a day [3S 5200]. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. I alternate between my two vehicles with each pack. How about you?
  11. rcxlfjhe

    what requirements do you have for batteries?

    Guys, could you let me know what the requirements for batteries? ;););) pls list the batteries you use for which car, and what kind of batteries(include capacity, discharge rate, connector, and more) you will prefer? FYI, I always find that some guys like change the connector, but the arrma...
  12. N

    Typhon Typhon 3s

    Hello, My son has a Typhon 3S 4×4 BLS and is getting 9 minutes of run time on a baseball field using a Powerhobby Pro LiPo 5200 mAh, 75C, 3 cell, 11.1v battery. Is this normal or is there something wrong with the car? I have tried two of the same battery with similar results. We are new at this...
  13. aiden

    Is my battery puffy?

    The top of my battery is a little airy when I push on it by the rest of the battery feels fine. So is my battery fine.
  14. E

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 3s battery tray

    I recently purchased my first arrma model and already have several lipos most of which are slightly too large to fit in the batter tray (I have 4 of the same model it is around 6 1/4 inches long) and was wondering if anybody knew how to extend the battery tray
  15. P

    Senton 2s or 3s

    I'm just curious, obviously most people have more than one battery but do you have a 2s and 3s and what's the reason for each. Of course the 3s is faster but should I have 2 or 3 3s packs or throw a 2s in the mix?
  16. MayhemDad

    NEWBIE Senton 4x4 3S BLX Battery Suggestion?

    I'm sure this has been asked 100 time, so let me apologize now. Instead of fixing 10+ year-old cars that were given to us, we've decided to go new with the Senton 4x4 3s BLX. It should be here on Monday. Obviously, we'll need a battery & charger setup. I don't like dirt cheap garbage, but we...
  17. PadawanPerry

    Senton How much runtime would I get on a 5000mah 50c 2s lipo?

    New to the forum! Had a quick question about runtime I have the Senton BLX 4x4 need to order some new batteries but want to start out with 2s? How much runtime would I get on a 5000mah 50c 2s lipo? And what about when I make the upgrade to 3s? Thanks again!
  18. Arrma92

    Battery cell issues

    I just purchased another rig ( kration 8S ) With that a few new batteries.X2 Dynamite - 5000mah 4s & X2 gensacearespammers 7200mah 4s. Both battery sets have about 10 runs on them. I’ve always used them in matching sets. Always been stored and balanced charged. 3 days ago I had to return one of the gen...
  19. F

    Granite Granite 3s BLX Overheating help please

    So I just got a Granite 3s BLX. It's my first Arrma. I have a TowerHobbies 30c 5000mah lipo with an ec5 connector. On my first run with the truck yesterday, I was pushing it for about 6-8 minutes, then it stopped. I could turn the wheels, but I couldn't move forward or back. I thought the...
  20. Warby

    Turnigy heavy duty or Turnigy nano-tech?

    Turnigy heavy duty or Turnigy nano-tech? Which is better for bashing? What is the difference? About to buy a second battery (5000mah) for my 3s. please help me decide.