1. idriveRC

    my spectrum battery cells are messed up

    I’m wondering if there’s any solutions to fix both batteries, i’ve tried slow charging them but once i run them cell 3 on both batteries are below cells 1 and 2. i left both batteries fully charged or storage voltage (i can’t remember) after slow charging them a few times and this is a few days...
  2. Drewskie

    Battery Charging Station

    After seeing multiple lipo fires on YouTube, my paranoia got the better of me and I decided to make a safe charging station. This started out as a small tool cart with a flip open top, which is perfect for the charging area. The drawers below have ample room to house batteries, various charging...
  3. Hector_Fisher

    Which should i get? SMC vs CNHL vs Zeee

    Looking for a sanity check/opinions on this. I need a new set of 3s packs to run in my Kraton exb and other assorted 3s trucks. One of my SMC extreme graphene V2s has one cell that is triple the IR of the other (28, 8, 8.5). The other battery is fine. Last run i did on my kraton the one SMC pack...
  4. WoodiE

    What is your RC LiPo of choice in 2022

    This is the 2022 version of the "What is your RC LiPo battery of choice"... yeah it's March and I'm a little late, but it's better than never. ;) :D Since RC LiPo companies come and go and RC LiPo batteries technologies are constantly changing and improving. We are doing an annual thread and...
  5. GregsaurusRex

    Kraton How many batteries are enough?

    How many batteries are enough? I know it's kinda subjective, but how many batteries would you buy for each RC Truck you have?
  6. Sidp

    Outcast Best battery for Outcast EXB RTR

    Hi all, Just received my Outcast EXB RTR today. I need some guidance on the best battery setup. Do I go with 1 battery 6S or 2 battery of 3S each? Do I go for higher C rating? Do I go for higher capacity i. e. More weight? Or lighter capacity? What type of battery should I get, Hard case...
  7. LitNyte

    Typhon Having issue with battery charging...

    The issue I'm having is I plug the charger into the wall, without the battery even being connected, and the charger will blink "green, red, green, red" and will completely not show an led at all anymore. My son hasn't been able to play with his car in sometime because I can't get the battery to...
  8. tobmaster

    Notorious 4s battery vs. 6s for general tooling around

    Still new here, and new to the Arrma world and this forum. I did search quite a bit before asking this, but nothing I found seemed to answer. As posted in introductions, my son purchased a Notorious last summer. Soon after we rebuilt it due to an unfortunate mailbox incident, I decided to...
  9. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Battery and Charger Advice/Questions

    Hello All, I have a 3 Typhon Mega V3s that I'm slowly upgrading (me and my sons just got these for xmas). I purchased a couple of 2s, 5200mAh, 50C LiPos to use with the stock setup to have more batteries/more power & Capacity. I have a few questions/concerns about LiPos and wanted to get your...
  10. T

    Batteries keep losing cells??

    I have 3 zeee 3s 6000mah batteries and 2 supulse 25w balance chargers and a blx 100 big rock, all three of my batteries have a low cell in them and they are all not even 2 months old yet. I let them cool when I’m done running/charging before I plug them back up. And I haven’t let them sit. 1st...
  11. grihn

    SOLD / FOUND 2 NiMH Batteries for Sale - $20 shipped

    I have 2 NiMH batteries for sale. Neither of these batteries have any/much use on them, I just don't run NiMH. I'd rather these go to someone who does than just leave them sitting or throw them out. $20 shipped (both batteries) within the contiguous United States. Arrma 1800mAh, 7.2v, 0 cycles...
  12. Prisma

    Is this Lipo safe to use?

    Hey everyone, I just pulled the battery pack out of my Granite and I've noticed the front is a little deformed. Is this pack safe to use? The damage is quite minimal, or at least it seems to be the case.
  13. Homebrew

    Prophet Sport Mini charger is not working all of a sudden.

    My local shop gave me this charger a couple of months ago when I was deciding which one I wanted to get. I still haven’t bought a nice one, but this guy all of a sudden won’t charge any type of battery. After it looks like it’s going to start, all four lights keep flashing red then green. Any...
  14. KAITvsk Racing

    Do NOT buy ZOP Power LiPo batteries

    I share my experience with ZOP Power LiPO batteries. It all started on Dec / 19/2020 I bought from ZOP Power 14.8V 5000mAh 60C 4S Lipo Battery The goods arrived on 2020-12-30 and at the beginning I was satisfied with the purchase. The batteries were decent and I also rated 5+...
  15. leogrinberg

    Senton ARRMA 1/10 SENTON 4x4 V3 MEGA 550 Battery replacement

    Hi guys, I bought ARRMA 1/10 SENTON 4X4 V3 MEGA 550 Brushed Short Course RC Truck RTR (awesome!, me and son a love it!) a few weeks ago and It came with the Nimh battery and for each runs with it the battery has take too long time in charge (8-12 hours). Can someone recommend a suitable...
  16. P0SEID0N2025

    Granite Battery issues

    So today I've contacted commonsenserc and I have this battery that I've only ran down to storage charge. This is in my Arrma Granite 3s BLX, no gearing changes, just different spektrum 4s electronics, slightly lower kv motor too. Only run it on my 3s Didnt change punch settings or anything to...
  17. icumpd

    Vorteks terrible battery run time on Vorteks

    I just recently purchased a Arrma Vorteks roughly 3 weeks ago. I also purchased Spektrum 5000mah 50c 3s lipo batteries 11.1V. Today I finally got the batteries and made my first run with it. After about 10 to maybe 15 minutes at the most the car slowed down and the remote said the battery was...
  18. Hamlichr

    Battery confusion Outcast 8S

    Hey guys, I’ve just got an outcast 8s and I’m confused about the batteries. can anyone tell me what configuration of batteries are suitable/ is it capable of? Is the system capable of dual 8s? Or two 4s batteries is the Max? Between the website specs, the manual and some other official...
  19. gillryan53

    Senton Need a bit of advice

    Hello, I am just recently getting into RC and I will soon be buying a ARRMA 1/10 SENTON 4X4 V3 3S BLX, and I need some help finding what battery and charger to get. If anybody could please tell me, my ears are open, I have a budget of about $120 for a battery and charger. Thank you!
  20. m.mahdi_sh

    Granite battery for granite 4x4 blx

    hey there, i'm new to the hobby and i'm about to buy a Granite 4x4 blx, so i'm looking for a 3s lipo, i read the lipo thread and saw some brand named to be good. but i've got a Question about the whole lipo thing. i know that current output of the batteries would be C-rating*capacity(assuming...