1. L

    Senton 3s BLX cuts power even though its full.

    (Sorry for typos) Hey everyone, I´ve been ahving this weird issue with my Senton 3s BLX. If I use my 2s battery (fully charged, 45C, 5000mah) and I reach maximum speed, it goes into this weird emergency mode and the ESC starts flahsing. I looked into the Manual and saw that it requires 5000mah...
  2. M

    Could anyone Identify this battery?

    Hello, everyone, I'm new here so am not sure really how this works but I really need a replacement of the attached battery and cannot seem o find it anywhere, does anyone have any ideas? It is 3.7v and 450mah if that helps.
  3. TraverseCity420

    What connector do I need for Venom Pro charger?

    Looking at getting the Venom Pro charger, do I just need a few 4mm to Trx plug connectors to charge up my HRBS and such with trx plugs? I have traxxas brand chargers for my traxxas brand poop batteries which the balance leads in the plug keep coming out so i'll keep those on the traxxas...
  4. dwblue00

    New lipo required

    My 4s lihv gens ace lipo I think is on its way out. So im looking at SMC batteries. Debating on going 4s again or going 6s and tuning down the esc a little. Let me know what ya think. Looking to purchase asap.
  5. Brewcity414

    Choose the correct LiPo battery

    Helpful info?
  6. Mikemcl48

    What is the highest c rating to can run in a brushed motor?

    What is the highest c rating to can run in a brushed motor with a lipo 2s? I run a 5000mah 25c. Can i run a 50c or will it burn the motor up? Will it give it more punch or does it matter?
  7. Brewcity414

    5200mah 50c lipo not charging to capacity

    My battery is not charging to capacity. Could this be a bad battery? Truthfully I do not discharge my battery and I am not sure if my charge has a storage charge.
  8. The bashist

    Charging staions

    Looking for some advice on charging stations. I have way to many 6s batteries to be charging them one at a time. When I go bashing, its for a a while. I usually bring 3 to 4 rigs and run a couple packs through each rig. So in turn I spend an entire afternoon and evening charging for the next...
  9. Brewcity414

    Lipo 5200mAh to 50

    Quick question I use the balance charge on my battery and after a charging session my screen says 4300 but my capacity is 5200. Is this a sign that the battery life is decreasing? It takes about 31 minutes to charge...
  10. R

    Venom duo pro

    When setting up a battery for long term storage..when the battery is still fully charged do i discharge it down to 3.7v or do i just put it in storage mode and the charger will take it down to the required voltage..
  11. Vulcan603

    Swollen lipo on first charge :(

    Sad to report I still have not driven the Senton since buying it last week. Just charged my new Basher Lipo at 1c and this happened !! I not have a near fully charged lipo in the garage with what appears to be a faulty swollen cell. I have raised with hobbyking and given evidence. My...
  12. B

    Zeee 2s lipo battery

    Has anybody have any time on these batteries" Never owned lipos. They will be for an Arma Senton 4x4 BLX 3s. I...
  13. D

    Can I use a 11.1v 3s battery on my sons Arrma Senton

    I ordered a 7.4v 2s battery and I received a 11.1v 3s will this damage the electronics on his senton or will it be fine
  14. 2fast4u

    Interesting Lipo testing

    Just stumbled upon this. Not sure if anyone has seen it. Too much to post so just a link.
  15. jbl_91762

    Newb Question about 3S Lipo

    Just got back into RC's having nitro buggies for years and first time with Lipo. Im running 6S on my new Kraton V3 which are from Peak Racing 45c 11.1v 5kmAh. So I've read and learned to store lipos at 3.8V via internet. So I run the truggy till its basically at a crawl and figure ok the...
  16. ajdragon

    Arrma 4600mah NiMh battery Question

    Hi By any chance does anyone know what the C ratings would be for the Arrma 4600mah NiMh battery back? I put mine into my Pro MT 4x4 with a WP-SC8 ESC, and 2100kv motor, and the battery got really hot after one short run, and I figure the C rating may have been way to low for the WP-SC8.
  17. ironhead79

    Battery weight??

    Have some SMC batteries all 3S, x2 7400mah 90c these combined weigh 2lb 3.9oz. Been running these with no I'll effects. I also have 2 3S SMC 10500man 90c with a combined weight of 3lb 0.6oz. Haven't used these yet, will the Kraton be able to handle this weight. I don't bash ever, this is my...
  18. S

    I can't decide which 4s LiPo to get

    I can't decide on what 4s battery to get for my Typhon
  19. bluedeval03

    Hobbymate D6 Duo Charger

    Anyone know anything about the Hobbymate brand of chargers? Specs look interesting on it, most impressive is the price at $149.90 which kicks in the skeptic side of me...
  20. M

    Arrma Nero Big rock - reduced battery life

    Recently I sealed all the diffs (with 2.5mm screws) and filled with 12 000 front 1 000 000 center 9 000 rear I also removed all diff brain servos. After the first run it stopped after 6min (2x 3s 4500mah 40c batteries) second time I got 5min, and in the last run few seconds after putting new...