1. MrWednesday

    Measuring for beadlock

    Hey guys, I’m clearly a mega newb, been in the dream since November. Can I please get some advice on how to search for some rubber that will fit these? With a caveat of course; I’m not looking for crawler tires, and yes, I know these rims are made for a crawler. From the little I’ve learned...
  2. colesrhot

    Mojave Mojave Tire Upgrade

    Hey y’all, new to forums but have some advice. I’ve got a Mojave 6s v2 and burn through tires and strip the inner plastic hexes all the time. Recently picked up the UDR Hyrax tires and am mounting them on some aluminum Vitavon beadlocks when they come in. Working at a hobby shop, I’ve been able...
  3. chalmene

    Kraton Beadlocks on Kraton 6s

    Hello, sorry to start another thread on tires, but here it goes. Has anyone ran beadlock wheels on the Kraton on 6s? I have never owned a set of beadlocks, so I don't know what they can handle. Is this a good idea? Or will a glued set hold up better to 6s? I would really like the option to...