1. Rich8692

    Infraction Bearing recommendations for Arrma Infraction

    I am going to order some bearings I was going to just order a kraton set from Fast Eddie's. They seem to be the most popular I guess I don't have much experience with changing the bearings I just know you want sealed does anyone have any recommendations
  2. MidroTea

    Kraton How i can change the bigger Bearing in the Rear Diff?

    Hello, the bigger Bearing in the Rear Diff is broken and i must change it. I have the rear Diff Case open and take off the Diff and also the Spiral Cut Input Gear and the little Bearing but the bigger Bearing i am not Able to get out. Is there a Trick maybe? Thank you!
  3. Jack

    I have a nero that needs wheel bearings.

    Hi, i have a nero 6s that needs new wheel bearings, anyone got some suggestions.
  4. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Arrma 2400kv motor bearing size and upgrade

    Im having a hard time finding the bearing size of the stock motor bearing of the 2400kv arrma motor. One of them blowed on me and i have a remplacement motor in the way. What afordable bearing upgrade are out there?
  5. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Steering bearings/bushings upgrade

    I noticed that the steering system of the kraton 4s has 4 bushings instead of bearings. I was wondering is it worth it to buy bearings to remplace them? I recently bought protek bearings sealed bearings to remplce the 8 12x18x4 bearings(wheel bearings, differential bearings) hope i did the right...
  6. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Bearing diferantial failure

    I was outside testing my new servo when suddently my rear differantial once again gave up but not becaus eof my slipper clutch but because of the bearing who over heated and killed evrything.:c could this be covered by the warranty this ruined my day:c
  7. bicketybam

    Talion Fast Eddy Alternatives

    After finding 14 seized bearings on my Talion I am looking to try another brand of rubber "sealed" bearings. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most diligent when it comes to cleaning my RC's, but it's not like I drive them in 2 feet of water either. I've been having sh!t luck with the...
  8. E

    Typhon Bearing list

    Has anyone got a full bearing list to the Typhon 6S V4 Fasteddy list this but heard some suggest it’s incomplete (10) 8x16x5 Ceramic (2) 8x19x6 Ceramic (4) 15x21x4 Ceramic (2) 5x11x4 Ceramic (4) 6x10x3 Ceramic Guess it’s missing the steering bearings what else?
  9. ndoppes

    I’d like to throw it in a lake

    So, I just three weeks ago purchased a Senton 3S in which I was totally pumped on until it turned into pure frustration. Went through the manual and did everything I was told. Running the truck on 2S batteries on a flat dirt circuit on my drive way. I didn’t get but 8 packs on my truck and it...
  10. W

    Steering bellcrank bushing to bearing replacement.

    Hey y'all, I need a video of replacing the steering bellcrank bushings to bearings on a 3s blx crew cab. I found one on YouTube to replace the bellcrank, but is alittle sketchy in my opinion. Thanks.
  11. E

    Senton which bearing kit for senton 3s BLX?

    hello everyone, new to the forum. recently bought a senton 3s BLX. I ordered a fast eddy bearing kit labeled "arrma senton BLX". started to install bearings on the rear hub and none of the bearings in the kit match the larger of the two bearings on the hub. do I need to buy the senton mega 4x4...
  12. Jimmyjam

    Granite Quick question is about my granite

    Is the slipper shaft supposed to push forward and backward with the bearings?
  13. JohnSulouff

    Ceramic bearing kit for Arrma Kraton?

    Is anyone out there know of any companies making ceramic bearings for the arrma kraton
  14. Im liking this

    Im liking this

    Thanks ARRMA
  15. dwblue00

    Outcast Bearings for the Outcast

    I'm going to order bearings for my outcast from Avid racing. Are the bearings the same for the Kraton, talion, and typhon? Reason I'm asking is because they don't specificly list the Outcast. Thanks!
  16. dwblue00

    Outcast Ceramic bearings in drivetrain

    Ok.....would it be detrimental to use ceramic bearings in the driveline of the outcast? I'm talking about using them strictly for the front, center, rear diffs and ring and pinions. Can they withstand the abuse. I would use steel bearings at the wheels.
  17. WTF MIKE

    Outcast Ball bearings in steering rack?

    just wondering if anyone has put ball bearings in the steering rack? I lost the screw that goes in there and macgyvered one to replace it. Then I thought of putting a ball bearing
  18. leo248

    Remove bearings from BLX2050kv?

    Yesterday my 2050kv BLX motor in my Talion started making a slight rattling noise, Don't think it is the drive train as it rolls smoothly and quietly without the motor installed. I have checked the bearings and they are making a bit of noise. I have replacement bearings but how can I remove...
  19. FastEddy

    Granite Steering wiper Bearing Size?

    Both the Mega rigs use BUSHINGS on the steering wiper arms. Part # AR340132 I would like to offer the bearing upgrade in our kits for this that we will be releasing this week. Can someone let me know the size please, they are metric and I "BELIEVE" the are a 5mm ID 8mm OD 2.5 Width. Thanks, -Ed
  20. Headbangerfacerip

    Castle creations 1515 bearings !!

    Hello, I recently bought a new castle creations mamba monster 2 combo with a sensored 1515 motor. I run in a lot of sand so I took it apart to clean it and put in some nice orange seal Boca bearings sense I have run them in the past and they are great. When I took it apart the shaft size bearing...