1. rumbot

    Granite Rc-Schrauben bearings?

    Hello there, does anyone out there have tried the rubber sealed bearings from Rc-Schrauben? I read that many people on the forum are using Fast Eddie’s bearings; the problem is, here in Europe (Denmark)...
  2. adamcash

    Mojave Bearing tight help

    Having trouble getting to the bearing very tight any tips or help thanks .
  3. IainB

    Vorteks Bearings pulled apart by twine

    I was running my Vorteks in a field near my house and a bunch of twine that's in the dirt got sucked up around my hubs and got sucked into my bearings. The shields got pulled off on the fronts but on the rears the shield and seals got shot. The seals were actually broken. Crazy... Are these...
  4. J

    Big Rock Big rock v2 missing bearing on slipper clutch

    So I bought a used v2 Big Rock and I'm pulling apart the gear box only to find that the bearing on the outside of the slipper clutch assembly is missing. Is this important to have on there? I've run one time and stripped a turnbuckle on one of the rear tires that I've since replaced and now...
  5. Uplift-RC

    Infraction Stock Bearing vs Jim's Bearing!!

    Last weekend, I installed a new akerman bar by #Basheerqueen since I tweaked mine. lol Also, I changed out all of my #ARRMA stock bearing to #Jims Bearings and wow what a difference. It runs so much smoother there is no doubt about it... Plus, I just added a new set of my favorite tires to bash...
  6. SamVorst

    Typhon 4 week old car moves only forward sometimes backwards

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and to the hobby also. I have some knowledge of technic. So I went racing last friday and suddenly the car stops driving. The ESC was beeping. I opened the car and there was no movement in the motor, it was stuck. With some force I could get it to turn. But when I...
  7. RC4LIFE2700

    Granite Best Bearing Kit for Arrma Granite 4x4 3s BLX?

    Hey guys any recommendations on a bearing kit for my Arrma Granite 4x4 3s BLX? Sorry for spamming the forum LOL I'm just loaded with questions this should be the last one for a while. Thanks in advance!
  8. Tilted

    Typhon Rear hub bearings premature failure?

    I bought my V5 Typhon a few months back and have only ran it for three battery packs, all 4S LiPo. The first run was on a asphalt driveway, second run was the same location but with on-road tyres and the third run was five minutes on speed runs on 4S still. I took the rear hubs apart yesterday...
  9. Evoandy

    Kraton Fast Eddy bearing comparison

    Hi folks, can you tell me whether the Kraton 6s and EXB have different types of bearings? Backgound of my question is, the my dealer here in germany has the 6s ones in stock, just the EXB ones not (aprox 4weeks delivery time) TFE2628 vs TFE6181
  10. kage

    Granite Anyone know how to remove rear axle from hub?

    Howdy, I'm trying to replace the axles to the integy units and I can't seem to get these axels out of the hubs. I've tried to press them, pry them, I've iced them and heated them.... If they didnt have separate part numbers in the exploded diagram I would say they're one piece lol.
  11. RAGER RC

    Big Rock v2- Anyone know how to remove motor bearings?

    Anyone know how to remove the motor bearings in the BRCC? Or a video on how to do so?
  12. J

    Granite Granite 4x4 3s blx bearing swap

    Does anyone know where I can find a how to for a bearing swap in a granite 4x4 3s blx? I have a fast eddy kit coming in the mail and need to find where all the bearings are going to go. Besides the exploited view of the parts does anyone have a simpler way?
  13. zizi8862

    Outcast Outcast/kraton 4s non branded bearing sets

    Just found these rubber sealed bearings on aliexpress. It's nearly half the price compared Jim's or fast Freddy. Anyone else have tried non branded bearings?? #Aliexpress | Arrma Outcast 4S BLX Sealed Bearing Kit ABEC-3
  14. dillon_mitko

    How to get this off?

    I’m currently changing out all the bearings in my BRCC and this bearing broke and now this little piece if it won’t come off Plz help Thx ARRMY
  15. dillon_mitko

    I’m finally coming across this problem

    Ok so I have seen many people having problems with arrma bearings... I have had my BRCC for about 7 months and no problems... I had to look at my diff for another reason but when I was looking at my hubs, the bearings are extremely rough and dirty. I kept looking and most of my bearings are like...
  16. Rich8692

    Infraction Bearing recommendations for Arrma Infraction

    I am going to order some bearings I was going to just order a kraton set from Fast Eddie's. They seem to be the most popular I guess I don't have much experience with changing the bearings I just know you want sealed does anyone have any recommendations
  17. MidroTea

    Kraton How i can change the bigger Bearing in the Rear Diff?

    Hello, the bigger Bearing in the Rear Diff is broken and i must change it. I have the rear Diff Case open and take off the Diff and also the Spiral Cut Input Gear and the little Bearing but the bigger Bearing i am not Able to get out. Is there a Trick maybe? Thank you!
  18. Jack

    I have a nero that needs wheel bearings.

    Hi, i have a nero 6s that needs new wheel bearings, anyone got some suggestions.
  19. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Steering bearings/bushings upgrade

    I noticed that the steering system of the kraton 4s has 4 bushings instead of bearings. I was wondering is it worth it to buy bearings to remplace them? I recently bought protek bearings sealed bearings to remplce the 8 12x18x4 bearings(wheel bearings, differential bearings) hope i did the right...
  20. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Bearing diferantial failure

    I was outside testing my new servo when suddently my rear differantial once again gave up but not becaus eof my slipper clutch but because of the bearing who over heated and killed evrything.:c could this be covered by the warranty this ruined my day:c