1. Drtybird

    BEC for HV steering servo

    I am purchasing a jx cls hv7346mg for my arrma kraton. I am running 2x3s and will be finally running it on 4s till motor upgrade. I will be letting my GF daughter be running on just 3s. I want to go ahead and put this in while I'm putting the servo in any recommendations on amp rating , volt...
  2. Texan45

    Connected a external BEC, magic smoke happened.

    Hello all, I have a almost 2 week old Arrma Kraton and the servo went out last week. I bought a Savox 1230 and a external bec to go with it based on other threads on here. I hooked everything up, running the power leads from the BEC to the positive and negative of one of the battery leads...
  3. ceolo87

    Kraton build with upgraded cooling, lights and general bullet proofing

    Hi, My name is Adi, I'm from Romania and this will be the build log of my 2018 kraton. This is my first ever hobby grade RC, I've never built anything like this before. I have zero experience in RC. Furthermore, I live in an apartment building so no garage or big tools for me. Also I try and...
  4. Lbizzle

    When do you need a external SBEC?

    Hello I’m running the stock outcast and the servo need a upgraded. Wanted to go with the Turnigy 959 v2. The issue I have is the manual says the stock bec is 6v at 3amps max 12amps. Does this mean I don’t need a external bec? The Turnigy 959 v2 runs at 6v and a little over 7 amps. I’m new to...
  5. Paultro84

    I need a detail description of installing a BEC to my servo

    I need to hook up a BEC to my servo. I've seen a couple videos. Wire it directly to the battery I get, but from what I understand, you plug it in to the reciever. And you need to unhook the power wire that goes from the ESC to the reciever. But how is the extra power getting to the servo...